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Tropical & Sidereal • Ephemeris 4700 BC - 2995 AD (7700 years)

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iPhemeris is the best Astrology software for iPhone, iPad (iOS) and Mac (MacOS). It includes all types of Astrology charting as well as a traditional book style, tabular Ephemeris; Lunar tables; Astrological Calendars; Sky Now real-time chart of the Sky; Graphical Ephemeris; and can function in either Tropical or Sidereal mode!

iPhemeris uses the Swiss Ephemeris, based on JPL DE430/431 ephemerides and is the only Astrology App that includes traditional, tabular Ephemerides with tables of Longitude, Declination & Latitude, Moon Phases, Eclipses & Void of Course Moon data. It can be set to display positions for any time and time zone you like. Need a 9:30am ET Ephemeris for the New York stock market open? No problem!

Vedic Astrologers love iPhemeris because everything can display Tropical or Sidereal positions for any of 17 pre-defined Ayanamsa, or set your own.

Download and install the best free apps for Astrology Software on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android from CNET, your trusted source for the top software picks. Astrology Software for Mac iPhemeris. Free Download Kala Vedic Astrology Software Complete Software Programs, Cracks, Cracked, Pro, Serial, Keys, Activation, Newest Version for a computer system with Windows and Mac. Free download the full version of the Kala Vedic Astrology Software Windows and Mac. ZET runs on an Intel based Mac (OS 10.5 / 10.9+) ZET runs perfectly on OS X Mavericks. ZET 9 runs fine on a mac using a windows wrapper. Tested so far with WineSkin 1. Download wineskin & drop it to the applications folder 2. Launch wineskin and press update for latest wrapper 3. Press '+' to install wine engine 4. Press 'create new blank. ZET runs on an Intel based Mac (OS 10.5 / 10.9+) ZET runs perfectly on OS X Mavericks. ZET 9 runs fine on a mac using a windows wrapper. Tested so far with WineSkin 1. Download wineskin & drop it to the applications folder 2. Launch wineskin and press update for latest wrapper 3. Press '+' to install wine engine 4. Press 'create new blank. Free astrology software program downloads for Windows and Mac OS X. TimePassages allows you to easily generate accurate horoscope charts with full-length reports. Free horoscope program download. ASTROGRAPH - Download TimePassages Desktop Astrology App.

iPhemeris was the first Astrology App for iPhone and has been continuously updated and improved since its introduction in 2008. If you're serious about Astrology and need the best, iPhemeris is what you've been looking for! Stop carrying all those books around and get iPhemeris for your iPhone, iPad & Mac OSX!

  • Types of Astrological Chart Wheels in iPhemeris:
    • Transit Charts
    • Progressed Charts
    • Solar Return & Lunar Return
    • Re-location Charts.
    • Composite Charts for Synastry (Mid-point)
    • Dual Charts (Bi-Wheel)
    • Triple Charts (Tri-Wheel)
  • Aspect lines drawn on charts.
  • Customize wheel style, includes French wheel style and other wheel styles preferred in Europe.
  • Choose Planets, Asteroids & Points displayed on Charts wheels and Reports independently.
  • Reports:
    • Aspect Synastry Grid
    • List of Aspects
    • List of Points with House, Declination & Latitude
    • Table of Houses and House cusps
    • Table of Cardinality and Elements
    • Midpoints (sorted by Planet or Sign)
  • Chart Notes - Write and store notes for each chart.
  • Rectification Tools - Step charts forward & back in time.
  • House Systems:Placidus, Equal, Koch, Regiomantanus, Campanus, Meridian, Morinus, Porphyry, Topocentric, Whole, Vedic, Alcabitius, Aries 0, Solar House.
  • Sky Now - A continuosly updating chart (every 5 seconds) for any location.
  • iCloud - Use iCloud to store and share charts between all your devices & computers running iPhemeris.
  • Aspects: 0°, 30°, 36°, 40°, 45°, 51.4°, 60°, 72°, 80°, 90°, 108°, 120°, 135°, 144°, 150°, 160°, 165°, 180°
  • Declination Aspects: Parallel, Contra-parallel.
  • Orbs:
    • Independently set Orbs for Applying and Separating aspects.
    • Fractional orbs.
    • Turn on/off any aspect.
  • Other Points: Ascendant, Descendant, Mid-Heaven, IC, Vertex, Earth, Part of Fortune, Black Moon.
  • Part of Fortune - Two calculations styles.
  • For Traditional Astrologers
    • Decanates shown on wheel can display Traditional or Modern Rulers.
    • Wheel can display the Bounds, Terms or Limits: Egyptian or Ptolemaic.
Ephemeris Table Features
  • Monthly, Tabular style Ephemeris (Longitude) for 7700 years (4700 BC to 2995 AD).
  • iPhemeris uses the Swiss Ephemeris, based on the Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL) DE 430/431 with sub-second precision.
  • Declination & Latitude tables.
  • Graphic Ephemeris:
    • Display Longitude or Declination for any date range.
    • Display any harmonic degree range between 30° and 360°.
    • Overlay Astrological charts.
  • Display as a traditional Midnight or NoonGMT Ephemeris or for any other time & time zone of your choice.
  • Display Tropical or Sidereal positions using one of the 17 pre-defined Ayanamsa, or your own.
  • Planets - All planets plus: Chiron, Vesta, Pallas, Juno, Ceres, Cupido, Hygiea, Astraea, Eris, Sedna, Vulcan (hypothetical)
  • Two Moon Columns: The position at Ephemeris time, and 12 hours later.
  • Moon Phase Tables: Date, Time & Sign of phases in both GMT and your local time zone.
  • Eclipse Tables: Date, time and sign of Solar and Lunar eclipses.
  • Void of Course Moon Tables: Time of last aspect and next lunar ingress.
  • North Node (True or Mean).
  • Black Moon (Lilith).
  • Choose which Planets, Asteroids & Points are displayed.
  • Planetary directions.
  • Includes Sidereal Time.
  • Page back and forward by month or jump to any date.
  • Monthly calendar showing daily Astrological aspects (Aspectarian).
  • Monthly calendar of daily transits to any astrology chart.
  • Select the Planets, Asteroids & Points displayed.
  • Choose Orbs.
  • Planetary directions.
  • Tropical or Sidereal positions using preset Ayanamsa or a custom value.
  • Page & swipe through months or jump to any date.
Other Features
  • iPhemeris is a modern astrology tool that uses internet map technology to help you find latitude & longitude for your astrology charts. It's accurate to within feet and can be extremely helpful with cuspy charts:
    • Maps are in your native language.
    • Scroll, pinch and zoom to find any place on earth.
    • Search for places or addresses in your own language.
  • Uses the International Time Zone database used by computers around the world to lookup Time Zones for any place on earth.
  • iCloud - backup and sync all your Astrology Charts between your devices and computers.
  • Lots of Settings to let you customize most things.
  • Extensive documentation included for all versions.
  • iPhemeris can be set to operate in Sidereal mode.
  • When in Sidereal mode all calculations and displays throughout are adjusted for the selected Ayanamsa.
  • 17 Pre-defined Ayanamsa included:
    • D.K • Fagan Bradley • Lahiri • Krishnamurti • Galactic • Raman
    • Takra I • Takra II • Babylonian • Deluce • Larry Ely • Yukteshwar
    • Sassanian • Ushashashi • Hipparchus • Dhira • Krushna
  • User defined Ayanamsa - Provide your value for the year 2000 (Epoch) and iPhemeris will adjust for precession to the chart or ephemeris date.
  • Display Nakshatra divisions around tropical wheel.
Languages & Compatibility
  • iPhemeris Menus & Preferences are translated into: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean & Russian
  • iPhemeris for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch works on iOS 13.0 or later.
  • iPhemeris for Mac works on MacOS 10.14 or later.
HomeSoftwareThe most comprehensive and up-to-date list of western astrology programs in 2020

There are many computerized programs that can be used by amateur and professional astrologers. I present here, in alphabetical order, the main programs for Western astrology (the programs for Indian astrology (Jyotisha) and Chinese astrology (Suanming) will be presented soon in different posts).

Unlike non-commercial programs, all commercial programs have the ACS international atlas included, which makes the generation of horoscopes very fast, with no effort and time lost by the astrologer.

Almost all important programs will be analyzed and compared in my astrology articles and courses so you can acquire them knowingly and make the most of their unique features. Of course, you can download any of the free programs as well as demo versions for almost all commercial programs so you can test them yourself.

Commercial software for desktop

Aquarius – an Austrian commercial software, with a freeware version. Nice graphics and a very easy to use interface. Useful for the practitioners of modern astrology (very few traditional features available). I particularly enjoy the ‘Horizon System’ function which lets you project a chart on the actual horizon using azimuth coordinates (very useful in horary, electional, mundane, and geomantic interpretation). Prices between 79 and 119 EUR.

Almagest – a Russian software

Argus – a Danish software for modern astrology (with trial version). It seems to be overpriced.

Astrocalc – a program that integrates modern techniques. It comes in several editions, for different pockets. However, some free programs are better.

Astro Connect – a german software, with beautiful graphics. A bit too expensive for its capabilities.

Astro Gold Mac OS – probably the best application for Mac users, the software is very elegant and well-crafted; it looks similar to Solar Fire (but not as capable!). Its files are fully compatible and interchangeable with Solar Fire desktop for PC, as well as Astro Gold iOS for iPhone and iPad. You can buy it for 180 USD (the professional reports are sold separately).

Astrology for Windows – a good program with interface in multiple languages.

Astro-PC – a remarkable French program with the interface available in English, French, Italian, and Spanish. I’ve tested the demo version and fell in love with it. It works on PC, but also Mac with Windows installed. Outstanding graphics and capabilities! It can be used by the practitioners of classical, as well as modern astrology. It’s above many established commercial programs – unfortunately, it’s less well known and a bit steep: it’s basic version costs 330 EUR, the professional version – 530 EUR which makes it one of the most expensive astrology programs on the market.

Astroquick – a program with basic features. It works on PC, Linux and Mac OS.

AstroMart – a program with basic functionalities.

Astro Plus – a software in german language. At 350 EUR, the Pro edition seems very pricey to me.

Astroworld – a german software. I haven’t tested it yet.

Delphic Oracle – an excellent program, especially for Hellenistic astrologers. Probably the only one that integrates all the nuances of the ancient Hellenistic techniques. It develops continuously as discoveries are made at the origins of the astrological tradition.

Galiastro – a well known program in the Germanic-speaking Europe.

Astrology Programs For Mac free. download full Version

Interpid a program focused on modern astrology. It runs on both Mac and Windows The price is $175.

Janus – one of the best astrology programs available. It has excellent modules of natal, horary, medieval, and Cosmobiology calculating all the necessary charts, with the possibility of animating them. The modules include reports that can be edited by the astrologer.

Kairon – a modest software, for Macs. The price is € 100 for a full professional licence with full ACS atlas.

Kepler – a very good program with many important features. It provides very complex astrological reports that can be used commercially.

Free astrology software for mac

Mastro – Canadian software with a free version

Megastar – a Swiss program with menu in German; far too expensive compared to what it can do!

Millennium Star Trax – a very ingenious program offered by AIR Software, although the interface is lacking in design.

Nova Chartweels – a powerful software from Astrolabe with special graphics and drag & drop features. Price: $220

Pegasus – a lite version of Kepler

Placidus – an excellent program of ancient (Babylonian and Hellenistic) and medieval astrology from Rumen Kolev. From what I hear, the capabilities of this program are great! The software is now distributed through Astrolabe and is one of the best programs for antique and medieval astrology on the market (competing only with Delphic Oracle).

Placidus 4.1 – probably the most renowned Hungarian software, with a free version. It looks a bit like the free software Morinus.

Phasis – an amazing Italian classical (Ptolemaic) astrological program, functional on Windows and Mac, in English and Italian.

Astrology Programs For Mac Free Download

Prometheus – a recently released program with nice graphics (including 3D). It’s getting better and better.

Regulus – although it’s specialized in the Huber system, it has important capabilities in traditional approaches.

Sarastro – a program with complex functionalities and a very pleasant interface in German. Prices between € 100 and € 300.

Sirius – includes all of Kepler’s features, but also adds some advanced features. An excellent program for astrological research! In competition with Solar Fire, Sirius is one of the best astrology programs!

Solar Fire – the most widely used professional astrology program. It has a very nice interface and excellent features, it offers all the working capabilities, many calculation options, a wide variety of chart formats, including superb animations and graphics and well-written reports. Even a simple enumeration of the basic features would take too much space (and time) to be appropriate here.

Time Cycles – a software exclusively for Mac. It has several modules that can be purchased separately.

TimePassages – very intuitive and easy to use, with excellent design, but very expensive. It can run on both Windows and Mac OS. It can be used by astrologers who only use the modern techniques of “modern” astrology (transits, progressions, solar and lunar returns, synastry, mid-points, etc.), so it does not integrate the important features of traditional astrology, which – in my opinion – is an inconvenient disadvantage for any astrologer to take seriously!

Vision – a program known especially on the German-speaking market.

Winstar – probably among the first commercial astrological programs in the world and one of the best currently available, a product of over 35 years of continuous development. Prices between $180 and $360

Zet – an outstanding Russian program. Prices between $ 100 and $160.

Free software for desktop

Astrolog – the object of the nostalgia for many astrologers around the World. It was good, it was free (it’s still good, it’s still free!). Functional on all major platforms (Windows, Mac, Unix). There are several variations of the original version on the market.

AstrologR – the best Romanian software available. It runs on Windows machines.

Astrology for Windows – the free version of the commercial software.

Astrowin – very good! Read below under the Free Special Programs section.

Cosmic Star – a free basic program that can produce a Natal Chart and a short natal report.

Mastro -the free version of the commercial Canadian software

Morinus – an amazing program. This is my favourite free software (and I often prefer it to commercial programs); it focuses on traditional techniques, without useless modern ornaments. Works on Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac OS.

OpenAstro – a tiny, but capable software designed for Linux users

Planetdance – a free Windows program with interesting features.

Star Fisher a pretty capable piece of software

Astrology Programs For Mac Free Download

Urania – a Windows software compiled in Poland and based on.

Astrolog. It can be also adapted for Mac and Linux.

Valens – a program of Hellenistic astrology based on Morinus

What Watch – a powerful tool (with a very nice interface) that covers many areas and techniques of astrology. It works on both Windows and MacOS.

Zet Lite – the free version of the commercial Zet.

Commercial specialized programs

AIR Software – many specialized programs grouped under the same umbrella. Decision making, statistical research, horoscope rectification, stock market speculation etc. become so much more sophisticated.

Astrallis – a commercial program specialized in the calculation of primary directions.

Astrology Forecast Software – software for primary directions

Astrotides – a software for lunar astrolog from Astrolabe

Day Watch – a comprehensive astrological calendar program.

Genius Loci – it calculates geocentric and topocentric positions of the planets, angular speed values, apparent magnitudes, distances from Earth and many more.

Horizons – a great tool for anyone interested in astromapping and relocation.

Inner Sky Discovery –from the creator of Genius Loci and Astrology Forecast. It can display various types of constellations (western zodiacal, Indian nakshatras, Chinese Xiu, Arabic Manazil)

JigSaw – an expensive, but smart piece of software for rectification and research (which helps in understanding the family and group dynamics)

MagiOracle – specialized in financial astrology. I don’t know what it does, but I know it exists!

Planetary Aspects and Transits – a group of four Windows programs that calculates geocentric and heliocentric astrological aspects, world transits, personal transits and synastry. It seems to be useful in trading as well.

Solar Maps – a software for locational astrology

Solar Writer – report writers produced by the creators of Solar Fire

Special Uranian – a very complex program specialized in uranian astrology

Starlight – a rather expensive program, focused on the astrology of fixed stars. Finds all the star relationships in a natal chart and then delineates them.

Timaeus – a very simplified version of Delphi Oracle. Runs in the background and shows (using visual and sound signals) the planetary hours, but also gives access to the entire astrological chart of the moment. Very useful in horary and elective astrology.

Astrology software, free download

Free specialized programs

Astrowin – besides the very good program with the same name, it includes a wide range of small programs specialized in natal and relational horoscopy, forecasts, vocational, horary and elective astrology, generously offered by Allen Edwall.

AstroClock – a little Windows program to display planet positions transparently on your desktop.

Cenon – introduces some novel ideas and techniques. It runs on Mac and Linux

ChronosXP – Before installing Timeaeus, Chronos calculated for many years the planetary hours for me

Ryal for Windows – I use it mainly for determining the positions of the transneptunian objects

Zodiacal Aphesis – a small piece of software specialized in calculating the periods of releasing of planetary energies developed in the Hellenistic astrology. I used to use it, but unfortunately, it hasn’t been updated for a long time.

Mobile applications (free and commercial)

Aquarius2Go – an Android app. It calculates natal charts, transits, progressions, solar returns, synastries, composite charts.

Astro Gold – a great app for iOS and Android. I have it on my phone and tablet.

Astrologie Aura – a pretty advanced Russian commercial app, with a free version

AstroVizor – a russian software

Astrowin – besides its desktop program, it offers a free app for Android and Kindle that displays daily transits to the natal chart.

Celeste -free astrological calculations on your iPhone, iPad and Android from Astrolabe

Kairon – an excellent app for iPhone and iPad

Planetdance – offers not only a Windows program, but an Android app as well. Very capable in terms of functionalities.

Smart Astrology – functional on Android. It provides a graphic display of transits and progressions relative to your natal chart for a given moment.

TimePassages Pro – with free and paid versions, works on iOS. It offers astrological options that are relatively advanced compared to what other mobile apps have to offer on the “astrological market”

Tropical Skies – an Android app

Paid web-services

AIR Software online service – offers the ability to calculate natal and transit charts, in addition to other interesting options (Astro-cartography, Astro-calendar etc.)


Astroapp – the best commercial web-service available. The access is based on subscription, at fair prices. It offers a wide variety of utilities and is intended to be a universal program, valid for all styles of astrology. The major advantage is that the app can be run on all mobile devices.

Free web services

Astroapp – mentioned above. It has a free option, limited in capabilities. It calculates your natal map, provides tables with essential dignities and other things.

Astroagg – a web application based on the old software Astrolog.

Astrodienst – offers the best way to get astrological charts, especially when you don’t have an astrology program installed on your computer. It can be extremely helpful even for the professional astrologer.

Astrograph – calculates your chart once you have an account on your website.

Astrolabe – besides the outstanding desktops programs, Astrolabe offers a free calculation of a horoscope for any time and location.

Astromart – calculates natal charts, synastries and transits

Astrotheme – calculates radix charts, transits, solar revolution, secondary and solar arc progressions, synastries, composite charts etc.

Astrowin – in addition to all the great free programs, Astrowin also offers excellent online service! You sign up as a member (with username and password), then you have access to online software for calculating different charts, as well as a database for the people whose data you are entering.

Capricorn Astrology – a free chart generation service

NASA web service – see the Moon exactly as it appears, in its proper phase and angle

Zet – besides the commercial program with the same name, it calculates the native chart online.

Online Atlas

Astrodienst – calculates coordinates for most of the world’s major locations. If you have a program that does not have an atlas integrated, you have to determine the coordinates of your native or current location by another method. Astrodienst offers the best in astrological terms.

Google Maps – it no longer needs a presentation

GPS-Coordinates – excellent for determining the coordinates of localities

Map Coordinates – based on Google Maps

LatLong – quickly discovers the coordinates of the locality that interests you.

Satellite Signals – calculates coordinates even for very obscure localities.

Online Ephemeris

Astrowin – determines the positions of the planets for any date from 1901 to 2048.

Astrodienst – the renowned Swiss Ephemeris (from the guys who have generated them from the very beginning)

Horizons web-interface – accurate ephemeris from California Institute of Technology

My advice

If you want a program for your private or professional practice, choose knowingly! It’s good to understand what each one can do and whether it meets your needs, integrates the techniques and approaches you use, and matches the technology you have at your disposal. At the same time, the program should give you the opportunity to do astrological research and to experiment with techniques that are not yet familiar to you. A program should be simple and easy to use, make your work easier and not throw you in the fog!

Many programs (especially commercial) try to meet all needs but sometimes include a wealth of very strange techniques and approaches that have neither a solid theoretical foundation nor the support of the astrological tradition. For me, an alternative option is (was) to use several free programs that make different things and complement each other. If you can overlook the discomfort and the lost time with entering the data in each program, this may be an option that will save you money. There are many good, free programs that – taken together- cover the practical needs of the most sophisticated astrologers!