Candy Crush Saga Does Not Download In My Macbook Pro

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Though Candy Crush Saga is one of the popular games all over the world, many of the Windows 10 users don’t like it. They want to stop the game from installing completely. Thus, I’ll show you how to block Windows 10 Candy Crush efficiently. Please read the steps carefully.

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Certainly, Candy Crush Saga wins the heart of a large number of people since its release; it even becomes one of the most popular games throughout the world. Yet, recently, more and more Windows 10 users from US, Europe and other parts of the world complained that they are fed up with this game.

Windows 10 Candy Crush Is Designed to Maximize Profits

Noticing this, I decide to help you get rid of Windows 10 Candy Crush effectively. Though Candy Crush Saga is a free-to-play match-three puzzle video game, it is considered as a 3rd party app that has been contained in Windows for monetization purposes. A person who works in the gaming industry also confirmed this point of view. One of the main functions of games like Candy Crush is to attract the attention of gamblers.

It is no exaggeration to say that Candy Crush and similar games are actually addictive for kids as well as some teenagers. As a result, people want to remove Candy Crush on Windows 10 and they think Microsoft should stop promoting these kinds of 3rd party games and applications.

Windows 10 Keeps Installing Candy Crush

There are a lot of users reported that Windows 10 Candy Crush Soda Saga keeps coming back even after they have deleted the game.

What if you have deleted useful files by mistake? Please read this to know how to recover:

Let's make it an easy task to recover deleted files in Windows 10 by using the powerful and reliable file recovery software.

Case 1:

I’m running Windows 10, and am having trouble removing the pre-installed Candy Crush Saga application.

Case 2:

Candy Crush Saga Does Not Download In My Macbook Pro
It’s appears on my start menu as “recently added”, I right click and select “Uninstall”, but 1-2 days later it re-appears and I have to go through the same process again. I must have uninstalled it 20+ times already.

Stop Candy Crush Install on Windows 10

When you choose to upgrade your system to Windows 10, Microsoft installs Candy Crush for you automatically. If you want to block Candy Crush and don’t want it come back, please follow the tutorial given below step by step.

Change Start Menu Settings

On Windows 10, the app suggestions will be shown to you by default in the Start Menu. For users who are not willing to see Candy Crush Saga here, they can follow the steps given below to remove Candy Crush from Start Menu.

  1. Click on the Start Menu.
  2. Scroll down to find Settings and click on it.
  3. Select the Personalization (Background, lock screen, colors).
  4. Choose Start option from the left panel.
  5. Find Occasionally show suggestions in Start option in the right pane.
  6. Switch the toggle to off.

Perform a Clean Boot


You can also perform a clean boot to uninstall Candy Crush.

Candy Crush Saga Does Not Download In My Macbook Pro
  1. Please log on to your Windows 10 computer as administrator.
  2. Press Win+R to open Run dialog window.
  3. Type msconfig and press Enter or click on the OK
  4. Navigate to Services
  5. Check Hide all Microsoft services option at the bottom.
  6. Click on the Disable all
  7. Shift to Startup tab and click on Open Task Manager.
  8. Right click on the items in the Startup list one by one and choose Disable.
  9. Close the Task Manager window to go back to the System Configuration
  10. Click on the Apply button and choose OK.
  11. Restart your PC and uninstall Candy Crush.
  12. Go to the Task Manager window to enable the programs required for your system and the ones you use on a daily basis.

In addition to above two methods, you can also remove Windows 10 Candy Crush by:

  • Updating Windows
  • Using PowerShell
  • Modifying the Registry
  • Changing Security Policy
  • Disabling Windows Update
  • Removing App Updater app
  • Turning off Microsoft Consumer Experience
  • iPhone Black Screen
  • iPhone Apple Logo Problems
  • iPhone App Not Work
  • Other iPhone Problems
Candy crush saga does not download in my macbook pro 15

by Jenefey AaronUpdated on 2020-03-24 / Update for Fix iPhone

I have an original iPhone running iOS 10. I have recently updated Candy Crush but the app keeps crashing on the loading screen every time I start playing it. Why does it keep crashing? I have tried several times, but no use. It's been my favorite game for all the time but now I am unable to play it.

I just updated Candy Crush on my Samsung Galaxy S 10.5 tablet and now the game doesn't even open! Getting error 'Unfortunately, Candy Crush Saga has stopped' when I play the game outside of Facebook. BAM! It just crashes, crashes, crashes...'

Why has Candy Crush Saga Stopped Working?

Candy Crush Saga is a popular mobile game that is able to be played on both iOS devices and Android phone mainly. The series of Candy Crush is released by King, which contains Candy Crush Soda Saga and Candy Crush Jelly Saga now. Unfortunately, quite a few players complain that it appears to crash, fail to load, fail to connect to Facebook and even stop working. Why is this game not responding? Now let's guess the reasons.

  • 1. Software trouble: Such as App stuck when update to latest version.
  • 2. Equipment trouble: Such as device is burning hot, not enough storage space in Apple/Android device, etc.

How to Fix Candy Crush Saga Crashing Error?

Aiming at resolving Candy Crush Saga crashing error, we show the possible solutions here to fix this issue (one option for iOS device, one for Android device, and one for Windows device).

Tip 1: How to Fix Candy Crush Crashing on iPhone/iPad

To be honest, once the Cady Crush Saga is crashing while using Apple device, one of the better alternatives is to take advantage of Tenorshare iCareFone and fix it. This software is designed to protect, repair, clean, optimize and speed up iOS device. See the writing and video guide as below.

  • Download, install, launch Tenorshare iCareFone and connect iPhone/iPad to your computer. Tap the 'Speedup & Clean' option.
  • Click the 'Quick Scan' button to free up storage space for your iPhone/iPad easily.

  • After that, click on 'Clean' button of the 'Apps' option. Then close the software and disconnect the device to computer. Finally reboot Candy Crush Saga again.

Candy crush saga does not download in my macbook pro 15

Candy Crush Saga Does Not Download In My Macbook Pro 15

You can also watch this video guide about how to use 'Clean & Speedup' in Tenorshare iCareFone.

Note: If Candy Crush is still crashing on iPhone/iPad after using 'Speedup& Clean' option, you might as well make use of 'Fix iOS Stuck' menu to troubleshoot your iDevice. Finally wait until you can open Candy Crush Saga as usual.

Tip 2: How to Fix Candy Crush Crashing on Android Phone/Tablet

If you have played this game on Android smartphone (such as Samsung Galaxy S3) or tablet, you may attempt these methods.

  • Clear Cache: Most of the players have played this game for quite a long time. Therefore, it will generate cache in the device. Just clear cache in the 'Settings' and wait for a normal use.
  • Reinstall App: Usually once an Android app is not working or can't connect to Facebook, a simple resort is to uninstall and reinstall it from Google Play. Do the same action to Facebook and connect the game to Facebook before you start playing it again. This has worked at most of the times.

  • Factory Reset: This is the last way to you. Try to factory reset Android phone or tablet to factory settings if there are no other available solutions.

Tip 3: How to Fix Candy Crush Crashing on Windows Phone/Tablet

Although seldom users use Windows phone or tablet in recently years, we can't ignore to fix this issue.

  • Reboot App: Usually to reboot the App when it is crashing is the first urgent measure you can achieve.
  • Change Date: Changing the system date could be another workaround for the time being, such as setting the internal calendar 2 months in advance and reopen the game again.

Candy Crush Saga Does Not Download In My Macbook Pro 2020

Tip 4: How to Fix Candy Crush Crashing on PC

If you are Windows 10 users, you will find that Candy Crush Saga is preinstalled in it. In this case, the suggestion of fixing crashing is as below.

  • Run the troubleshooter: Use the troubleshooter in Windows 10 to detect the cause of this crashing error and then follow the instruction to run the app properly.
  • Restore the game as Administrator: Create a new Windows profile as administrator and reinstall Candy Crush. However, you will start at the first level without any playing history of your account.

Candy Crush Saga Does Not Download In My Macbook Pro 2017

That's all about how to fix Candy Crush crashing error in 2017. If you catch up with any funny experience on using Candy Crush currently, welcome to them in the comment box. I will spare no effort to update this tutorial when I get further ideas.