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2 days ago  Apple could develop a new MacBook Pro model with a Touch Bar supporting its pressure sensing tech Force Touch, a patent application published by the US Patent and Trademark Office suggests. How To: Apple MacBook Air And MacBook Pro With M1 Chip Can Run iPhone And iPad Apps. As pointed out by a Reddit user, M1 Mac user can get iOS and iPadOS apps on the system by getting the.ipa file. To get an.ipa file of the app, users can download the iMazing app for free. November 19, 2020, 13:29 IST explore: Tech. If you're not a huge podcast listener or are looking for something free, this is definitely overkill and there's always iTunes. But I've used Pocket Casts for years, love their mobile app, and the Mac app is surprisingly good and problem free for a beta. Enter Here to Win a MacBook Pro, iPad Pro and More. Recent reports suggest that the next version of the Mac software will feature standalone Apple Music and Podcasts apps.

Apple Silicon Macs with the M1 processor can run apps built for the iPhone and iPad natively. Learn how to find them and download what you want — plus what limitations they may present.

Apple has released the first Macs running Apple Silicon to customers, which can run apps built for any of the three major Apple platforms. Each app will operate according to some restrictions placed on it by the system, but should be a nearly identical experience to running them on iPhone or iPad.

Searching for the same app on different filters can sometimes get different results

The Mac has its own App Store which operates identical to the App Stores found on iOS and iPadOS. Apps submitted to the Mac App Store must be reviewed by Apple and fall within certain rules and guidelines for safety and privacy. The addition of iPhone and iPad apps to the Mac App Store has vastly expanded its software catalog.

Free apps for macbook pro
  • Open the Mac App Store
  • Click on the search bar in the top left corner
  • Search for an app like 'Office'
  • Results will default to Mac apps
  • Click on 'iPhone and iPad apps' to see results in that category

Apps that appear for search results will vary depending on what the developer offers. Some developers, including Google, Facebook, and King have opted out of offering their apps on Mac.

Some developers offer different apps with different prices per platform, like Airmail or Microsoft. When this is true, the Mac App Store will only show results for the Mac app. Microsoft Word, for example, is available across all of Apple's platforms, but the developer has a Mac-specific version. It is unclear if these search results are an automatic function of the App Store, or if developers with multi-platform apps are opting out of sharing their iPad apps on Mac.

iPad apps can run in full screen or split screen like a regular Mac app

Once you've downloaded an iPad-based app, you'll notice it runs in a smaller window with basic Mac controls. You can mouse over items and trigger some events as expected, but not everything will work smoothly out-of-the-box. Developers will need to optimize their apps for mouse and keyboard based interactions before the app feels native to the Mac.

The iPad apps will have the same traffic light buttons on the window with identical controls to Mac apps. You can minimize the app into the dock, make it full screen, or even start a split screen environment.

iPad app windows can be resized to different sizes, but it is not as granular as Mac app windows.

This iPhone-only app runs in a small window that cannot be resized

You can run iPhone apps as well, but only when no iPad version exists. The iPhone apps open in a small window like a utility or tool app would, and has some limited functionality.

iPhone apps cannot be resized nor go full screen or split screen. The traffic light buttons don't do anything except minimize the window or close the app.

Touch-based apps might need some alternative controls when using a mouse and keyboard

Bringing touch based apps to the Mac, which doesn't have a touch screen yet, causes some compromise in the app-experience. Many games and apps rely on multi-touch gestures which are not directly translated to mouse gestures. Apple solves for this by asking users to hold the control key down while performing multi-touch gestures on the trackpad.

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Free Apps For Macbook Pro

Apple Podcasts User Guide

Podcasts are free audio shows that you can stream and play on your Mac. You can listen to individual episodes, or you can subscribe to a show so that new episodes are automatically downloaded to your library as they become available.

Your podcast subscriptions, stations, and current play position sync to the Podcasts app on all your devices when you sign in with the same Apple ID. See Listen to podcasts on all your devices.

Download an app for macbook pro for podcasts free
  1. In the Podcasts app on your Mac, click Listen Now (or any item) in the sidebar.

  2. Hold the pointer over the show or episode you want to play, then click the Play button .

    When the episode plays, you see the playback controls at the top of the Podcasts window.

  3. Do any of the following with the playback controls:

    • Play or pause: Click the center Play button or Pause button (or use the playback controls in the Touch Bar).

      You can also press the Space bar to play, pause, and resume playing a show.

    • Skip backward or forward: Click the Skip Back button to go back (in 15-second increments) and the Skip Forward button to skip ahead (in 30-second increments) in the episode (or use the playback controls in the Touch Bar).

      Tip: You can customize the amount of time an episode goes back or skips ahead. See Change Playback preferences.

    • Rewind or fast-forward: Click a point on the progress bar to skip directly to that location, or drag the progress handle left to rewind or right to fast-forward (or use the playback controls in the Touch Bar).

    • Change the playback speed: Choose Controls > Playback Speed, then choose a speed.

    • Adjust volume: Drag the volume slider right or left to increase or decrease the volume (or use the playback controls in the Touch Bar).

    • Choose speakers: Click the AirPlay button to choose which speakers you want to use.

    • Manage the episode (for example, copy the link, share the episode, or go to the Show page): Hold the pointer over the episode playing, click the More button , then choose an option.

    • Read the episode description: Click the Episode Notes button .

Ask Siri. Say something like:

  • “Skip ahead 3 minutes”

  • “Continue playing the last podcast”

Learn how to ask Siri.

Best Apps For Macbook Pro

To control other aspects of playback, including whether to continue playing the next episode or what action is taken when you use headphone controls, see Change Playback preferences.

Youtube App For Macbook Pro

You can easily see which episode is playing and even what’s next in the queue in Notification Center. Add the Up Next Podcasts widget for a quick way to resume playing. See Use Notification Center on Mac.

Podcast For Macbook Pro

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