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I've been having issues with WC Record to disk, dropped frames and audio sync in my NLE.

The main issue is the audio sync/ frame rate in the records when streaming.

I've made sure the frame rate is the same all the way along my signal path, including changing the performance to 25fps (PAL) in preferences. Same with resolution.
Set up is Canon XA25 -> BM Ultra studio mini recorder -> WC.
When just recording in WC everything is fine. It's only when I start to stream as well that the frame rates start to fluctuate. It drops frames when you initially click stream and then if I do any transitions to a still or a shot with PiP the frames drop during the transition then return to normal. I tried this is WC 6.0.7 and WC7, same results except I could see the frame drop count in WC7.

Wirecast 6.0.7 and 7.0.1. Macbook Pro (Retina 15' Mid 2014) 2.5Ghz Intel core i7. 16gb 1600Mhz DDR3 Ram. Just download HandBrake (free: Download free trials of our video transcoding workflow solutions from plug-in components to desktop video encoding applications to enterprise-class workflow automation systems Customer Center: Desktop Presenter for Wirecast.

When playing back the recording (when having streamed or not streamed) in Quicktime or VLC the audio is in sync. Some dropped frames occur but no audio drift. I can export chunks of the video from QT and play it back with no issues.

When I import the record file when having streamed as well, into Premiere 2014.3 the audio drifts all over the place. It starts out in sync but drifts in and out of sync and then re aligns towards the end. If I import a recording which was solely recording without streaming, playback is fine. This is also recognized in Premiere because the fps info will be 25 for just recording and 24.97 (sometimes .94, .98 etc I think its just averaging the dropped frames) for the recording and streaming file.

Exporting only exports whats in the timeline so no luck there. Rates stretching doesn't help as the audio starts out ok, goes all over place, then re aligns at the end.

I believe I had similar issues to this thread as well.

Tech Specs


OS X Yosemite 10.10.5

Wirecast 6.0.7 and 7.0.1

Macbook Pro (Retina 15' Mid 2014)
2.5Ghz Intel core i7

16gb 1600Mhz DDR3 Ram

Nvidia Geforce GT750M 2048GB
I've submitted a ticket but any further tests you recommend I'm willing to try.
Current work around is having my backup encoder recording and not streaming unless the primary stream goes down. But this will probably bite me.
Regards, Stephen.

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Download For Free Wirecast Macbook Pro
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