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GetinMac is The Apple Mac OS X Software & Games Website. You Can Download Best Free Apps For Mac, mac software download sites, free paid mac apps. The Mac version of the browser by Google. Calls, video calls and messaging for free. The Mac version of the most famous sandbox construction game. Keep your Mac awake for whenever you need it. Final Cut Pro X. Considered by many as the best video editor for Mac. App Cleaner & Uninstaller. App uninstaller for Mac.

  • GetinMac is The Apple Mac OS X Software & Games Website. You Can Download Best Free Apps For Mac, mac software download sites, free paid mac apps.
  • 30 best free Mac programs to download. By Ben Harvell (MacFormat Issue 231) 06 March 2011. Top free software for OS X, iPad and iPhone. Considering this is a free application, it's an absolute.
  • Download Backup and Sync for Mac Download Backup and Sync for Windows. If you are a Google Apps user. Or computer—and your first 15GB of storage are free.

Latest Free Mac Applications and Games! Free Download Now. Today we have selected a limited number of restrictions / price reduction applications, a total of 4 Mac App , 3 iOS software and 4 iOS games.

If you are interested in these iOS apps, you can access the download link by clicking on the download link under the image of app. Each application limit / special time uncertain, remember to accept as soon as possible.

In addition, if you want to know every day what application restrictions, you can also download AppSo iPhone version 2.0 . We will personally test, every day for your limited time free / special app. When your collection of app into the limited free channel, we will inform you in time to accept.

Free Mac Applications

Please click here to download AppSo for iPhone, or download ” AppSo ” directly in the App Store .

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Document Writer Pro

A beautiful and easy to use Mac-side text editor, support word automatic counting, full-screen input mode, can be exported to PDF, RTF / DOC and other models. Use and Word almost, but more beautiful, can be used as an editor alternative.

Download Best Free Mac Apps

Free Mac Applications

Audio and video player

Professional intelligence, powerful video, audio, picture browsing and playback tools. No need to extract, you can easily browse the compressed package and the local folder in the picture, play video, audio files, support for many file formats.

Free Mac Applications

IFoto Denoise

US District application restrictions. A photo editing landscaping tool, in dealing with the brightness due to poor color, ISO is too high, too dark shooting environment caused by the photo noise is very professional, but also can automatically handle fuzzy photos and portraits beauty, as you keep the details of the photo And bright colors.

Free Download Mac

The Duplicates Cleaner

A repeat file to find and remove the Mac software, support the use of QuickLook preview, automatically choose to clean up unnecessary duplication of documents. Automatically delete a duplicate file and keep a file for the duplicate to ensure file security.

Free Mac Applications

Download Free Mac Applications

Download Pdf Free Mac

Runtastic Heart Rate PRO

download free, software For Mac

Use iPhone to monitor heart rate, easy to use, use the camera lens and flash to complete. PRO version can be unlimited number of tests, according to the physical status of screening data, as well as test reminders and heart rate maps and other functions. No heart rate test equipment can start.

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Easy to operate photo filter applications, there are 27 different adjustable effect, so that your photo effect is unique. By long press, tap, pull and other gestures can change the default parameters, but also free to mix and match the effect layer.

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A variety of professional filters, support full-resolution black and white camera applications, through the slider to adjust the contrast in real time, brightness and exposure, you can add simulated film particles, black vignette, custom EXIF ​​information.

Free Mac Applications

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Free Mac Software Download Sites

Infinity Blade II

Download Free Mac Apps And Games


US District, Hong Kong District limited. A detail, the screen effects of excellent role-playing action games, is the “endless sword” the second. Free Mac Applications Combat system. And the former is basically the same, through the block, shield, to avoid defense, finger sweep attack. Note: the current game has been in the middle of the shelves, to be downloaded in other areas.