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15+ Best Free Offline Music Apps Without Wi-Fi for 2020

With the above-listed Anime apps, you can simply download and watch the Anime content for free. Few of the apps do have paid subscriptions as well but that depends from user to user. Overall, Anime watching experience has been proved pleasant in all of them. Do download one if you have still not watched Anime.

One spectacular thing about streaming music is that it gives you access to new music on the go. Well, some unforeseen circumstances such as internet connection can mar this experience. Even with this, network providers continuously want us to trust them.

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  1. List ofBest Free Offline Music Apps Without Wi

Reasons for Free Offline Music Apps Without Wi-Fi for 2020

Especially believing that we can access their network everywhere, we go. But we all that this isn't possible. In most cases, when trying to stream a single track, you find out that your data is already gone. Even before the streaming begins.

With all these to keep up with, all hope isn't lost yet. Many thanks to some useful music apps that give you access to your music playlist offline. I mean legalized apps you can download without spending a dime. So, in case you've been on the search for the best music app that doesn't require a data connection, you have them all here.

Table of Best Free Offline Music Apps Without Wi-Fi for 2020

Have a glance first.


Offline Music App

Official Download Website
















List ofBest Free Offline Music Apps Without Wi-Fi for 2020

Check it out here for the Best Free Music Downloader List. Otherwise, stay tune for some of the best offline apps for songs as below

1. SoundCloud - Music App Link

SoundCloud has been at the forefront of online music supply for ages. With over 175 million users every monthly, SoundCloud is merely popular. This confirms why they can boast of about 40 million registered users globally. You can find any music genre in the world, and it very rare not find the music you need here. To get the best of SoundCloud, you may consider having their app. The app comes both for iOS, Android, and other OS. Among the numerous music that can give you access to music offline, SoundCloud makes the list.

Subscription to SoundCloud Go package gives extra fun with this app. With the SoundCloud Go subscription, you can have access to save a whole playlist. Also, you can set auto download to have your music saved and enjoyed at any time.

2. Google Play Music - Music App Link

For Android users, you have Goo Play Music already installed for you. This Google streaming service came into limelight in 2011. Google Play Music app gives users the liberty to upload about 55,000 songs of their own. Once this you have done this, they will add all the songs. Added into the general library and made available for streaming. With this method, users can have thousands of their work around. And they won’t have to occupy space in any device they are using.

As you would guess, Google Play Music support music on their app even without a data connection. You can also download your favourite music playlist to listen offline without data.

Google Play Music does support without data music in their app. You can download any song on your device for later offline listening without data.

Well, Google Play Music has limits only to some countries at the moment. But a good majority of countries. With the paid subscription plan, you have no limit to the songs you can download for offline use.

Reports have it that Youtube Music app that is for streaming music will soon come by Google. The anticipated app likely outrun Google Play Music on its release. Well, you should know that YouTube has a subscription plan for premium contents. This is YouTube Read. Sadly, this plan is still limited only to some advanced countries.

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3. Deezer - App Link

Deezer is another free music app that prides in a vast music library. It has about 53million songs in its library. All these songs are from different genres and artists. Deezer has wide availability, up to about 182 countries. If leaving only about ten countries out isn't fair, but we can say that Deezer has done well. Did you feel disappointed about the limited countries availability of Google Pay Music? Deezer is here with an enormous offer that is about twice the size of what you can get from Google Play Music.

Well, despite being available in many countries, not all features are working. In the same vein, music copyright is another factor that limits some songs to some countries.

However, you can listen to and enjoy Live Radio on Deezer. And you can have the lyrics to most of these songs as they play. Most importantly, you can download free music with a network connection. This makes it a member of my music apps list without an internet connection.

The trial version of Deezer music app will give you limited access to some music. And as the music plays, you may be having some ads pop up. But with the premium subscription plan, you don't bother about ads of song limit.

Well, a few downsides, though. Many users frown at the non-availability of the desktop version for Deezer music app. Nevertheless, Deezer is still a bonafide member of my list of music apps without Wi-Fi.

4. Pandora - Music App

This is another music app without Wi-Fi that has been serving its users for ages. It has millions of music tracks for the user's listening pleasure. Being a music platform, Pandora is a point where musicians and music lovers meet to interact. It is super fun when you try to find a new song with Pandora. Sadly, Pandora is only limited to America.

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With Pandora, users can create their favourite music playlist. With this, they can be listening to the music the love over and over again. Such playlists are usually referred to as 'stations.' Due to some privacy issues, it is best to have a look at the private profile option. This, you should do when registering. Another prominent feature of Pandora is that you can listen to music on the go without Wi-Fi.

However, there are some challenges with the Pandora app, just like other music apps. Firstly, it doesn't give room for unlimited skips. Secondly, live contents and on-demand listening aren't supported on this app currently. Yet, many people still prefer it as their go-to music app. This, they do since they won't have to bother themselves about data consumption.

5. Napster - Music App

If you need the originator of music streaming service, you should be looking at Napster. It was formerly known ad Rhapsody when it was first released. From thousands of DJs and artist, Napster has over 40milion songs in its library. Ever wonder how many years it will take you to exhaust such a music library? One fantastic thing many users love about Napster is it's easy to use interface. However, they could build such interface from tons of evaluations. Hard work forever pay. With this, Napster is one of the best music streaming app with the most intuitive UI. In terms of the song search feature, Spotify and others can't match its standard. It is simply amazing and intuitive.

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Being a premium app, Napster comes with two subscription plans. And you can only enjoy them without a Wi-Fi mode of listening to music through the premier package. With the premium package, you can also enjoy a free 14 day trial period.

Unique about Napster is that you can listen to music without a Wi-Fi via the desktop version. Well, one downside, though. Bitrates on Napster is not so superior and of quality as what you'll find in other music apps. But the app is still worth trying.

6. Amazon Music Unlimited - Music App Link

Although Amazon kicked off a Bookselling Online store. But to your amazement, JeffBezo's Amazon has evolved from just books to music. And it is making great strides in the music industry currently. As it would interest you to know, Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Prime Video are excellent. In fact, they are some of their outstanding products in the entertainment industry. In their music library, you'll be sure to find millions of music as well as their lyrics. With this, you will have a thousand and one options to choose from.

Amazon Music Unlimited offer a premium service, yet you'll enjoy the free 30-day trial version. A good thing about the free 30-day trial version is the fact that it is ad-free. So, nothing to worry about distraction from app pop-up. With the free 30-day trial version, you can have a glimpse of the real stuff before making a full purchase. One thing many users have confessed about Amazon Music Unlimited is this. 'The moment I opted in for the trial version, I couldn't resist purchasing the premium plan.' Again, like other music apps here, Amazon Music Unlimited gives you a 100% offline music. So, you have little or nothing to kill yourself about an internet connection.

In the same vein, another good thing here is that you will serve yourself the way you want it. By this, you can decide to set the memory and cache for this app. This will blow your mind, I know. Do you know that you can even restore songs that you’ve deleted? Yes, you can.

Well, some few downsides about this app abound. You cannot subscribe or listen to the non-music content of the app. Just like you'll get from other music apps in this list, there is no free version of the app. The most you can get is a 30-day free trial version. Finally, you can't upload your music library on this app.

7. Musify - App Link

This is one of the best music apps without Wi-Fi I have come across in my research for this list. It is a legal app that gives you unlimited access to many songs. Musify is akin to a music planet. You can meet and interact with people of like-minds (music lovers) here. You can even explore tons of new music on Musify. Depending on your level of listening to songs here, they can suggest similar music to you. With Musify, you can export music from cloud music sharing services like SoundCloud.

Here is something unique you'll love to know. Musify doesn't limit you only to pre-recorded music. You have the liberty even to stream DJ sets remixes, live concerts, and so much more. You can also enjoy background music play with this app. It also gives a music playlist that looks very similar to what iPod offers. More so, you have no limitation to the number of songs you can download. You can even preview a piece of music to see if you'll love to download it or not.

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Where are my developers here? Sure developers will love this part about Musify. Musify is an Open source project. You can locate its source on the popular code hosting website – Github. You may even choose to download the app, twist and turn the code to the way you feel best. Musify has a humble beginning as a free ringtone app. Well, it has now evolved to a full-fledged app today. With this, it has tons of millions of iPhone and Android users enjoying good music through it. Sure you'll like to make it into the list after reading this post.

8. Spotify - App Link

Despite tons of competitors, Spotify remains a big shot when it comes to music apps without Wi-Fi. Without a doubt, it is the easiest to use, coolest and the best music app around. Spotify supports many file formats. Some include Podcast, digital comics as well as music. Lots of users continue to flock Spotify due to its firm determination to give nothing less than the best. Also, users get glued to it because of its intuitive UI and lots of music to choose from

Spotify premium account offers the opportunity of having up to 3,333 songs for offline use. A free account can still provide you with about 750 songs for offline listening pleasure. A premium account also gives you the chance to enjoy all your offline playlist on any device.

Well, before synchronizing for offline music use, ensure there is a Wi-Fi connection. Doing this saves you from exuberant data charges.

9. Groove Music - App Link

If indeed you want to have your playlist offline, you should check out Microsoft's Groove Music app. You can download all your premium music for offline listening. Similarly, you can also download music that you must have bought with other devices.

Auto download song option gives you access to all the songs you added from Groove Music for offline use. Well, you can access this feature only with the Groove Music subscription pass.

10. TIDAL - App Link

This is another high-quality offline music app. Tidal gives you access to millions of music, sharing music and creating a playlist. You can even stream live concerts on Tidal. Sharing music with friends can is possible through your social media. With Tidal, music lovers with a taste of CD-quality music on their device can have this easily.

You can choose from two premium subscription plans on Tidal. One of the plans has high-quality music audio, and the other has regular quality. Like every music app on this list, you can enjoy unlimited music without Wi-Fi on Tidal. Well, some setbacks, though. You won't have your music lyrics with this app. Again, you can't have a trial version to test how good the app can serve you. Overall, it a one the great offline music apps out there.

11. Apple Music - Music App

Apple, the tech giant, is the curator of this premium offline music app. With Apple Music, you can choose music to stream or listen to an already existing playlist. With Apple Music, you have access to millions of music. Again, with Apple Music, you a trial period of 3 months to try out the app before paid subscription.

You can also enjoy your favourite songs from the cloud, even with an internet connection. Mainstream musicians such as Drake, DJ Khaled, and Rihanna have their songs on Apple Music. One unique thing to know about this app is that it is pretty easy to setup.

Did you think that this app is exclusive to iPhone users? Never, you can install it into your Android device and even Mac OS. Well, Apple Music app isn't supported by Amazon Echo and Google but supports Apple HomePod.

12. Gaana - Music App Link

With over 7 million users globally, Gaana is of the favourite offline music apps. Although it has majorly Indian music, you can also find some English music. With Gaana, you can access all the latest Bollywood movies music. Besides music, you can also find Podcast, stories and many other audio files on this app. You can serve yourself with your playlist or listen to existing ones by other users or Gaana.

Although initially free to download with lots of ads, but now things have changed. You have to subscribe to a Gaana plus plan to enjoy unlimited high-quality offline music.

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13. Slacker Radio - Music App Link

You can create a personal radio station with Slacker Radio. Depending on your chosen music genres and artist, you can create your playlist. Users review commend Slacker Radio for excellent audio quality. With Slacker Radio, tuning into your any station playing your favourite music is easy to do. With the like and dislike feature, you can help Slacker Radio to know what music you like the most. Although free to download from any app store, Slacker Radio free app has some ads to it.

Well, the premium version gives you access to ad-free music. Also, you can enjoy offline music and unlimited skips. If you wish you can download a single track or a whole playlist for your listening delight. You can even share your favourite music and playlist with friends via social media. Here is the bomb about Slacker Radio. It gives you the latest news and headlines in the entertainment industry.

14. Saavn - Music App Link

In case you need more of Bollywood music, Saavn is where you need to turn to. You have access to lots of genres and artist when using Saavn offline music app. Similar to many apps on this list; you can enjoy music with a bitrate of 320kbps with Saavn. You can even arrange and create your favourite music playlist and tracks. With a fantastic playlist on Savvn, you don't have to bother yourself about creating your playlist.

If you are using the free app, you should know for sure that things may not go smoothly. These include ads while playing music, no access to exclusive content and limited skips. Well, you can enjoy some fantastic features with the premium subscription plan for this app.

Well, tech-savvy reviews still downgrade this app for poor development and UI. Most of them even claim that the app crashes at some point while using it. More so, others complain of a reduced audio quality. Overall, you can still enjoy your favourite Bollywood music without a data charge.

15. Shazam - Music App Link

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Music lovers like Shazam not because it works without internet, but because it is easy to use. You can discover new songs from the music planet using Shazam. You can even identify any music that is playing close to you using this app. Did you download a new song and you love the lyrics? You don’t have to bother yourself looking for the lyrics. Just Shazam the song, and you’ll find everything you need about the music.

Shazam is free to use, and it functions on the ads that are being displayed on it. You can also enjoy from the offline listening mode brought to users by Shazam. Even being offline gives you access to the essential functions of the app.


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Sometimes, you may have Shazam redirecting you to other music streaming channels. Typical of such channels are Google Play Music, Deezer, or even Apple Music. This happens when the music track you are requesting for is a premium track.

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Conclusion of Free Offline Music Apps for 2020

Download Manga Free Unlimited Macbook App Download

Truly, not everyone knows that there are lots of music apps to download and save songs offline. In case you were one of them, lucky you that you are no more one of them. At least you now know what others don't know till now. So, end the wait and choose any of these music apps to install and have your favourite songs on the go. I'll appreciate your useful suggestion in the comment box below. Enjoy your music collection offline!