Download Onedrive For Macbook Pro

Download and install Microsoft OneDrive for Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

OneDrive (previously SkyDrive) is a secure file hosting service which allows you to upload and sync photos, videos and files to cloud storage. You can access them from any mobile device, computer or a web browser. OneDrive allows you to keep the photos, videos and files private, share them with family and friends or make them public. When you share photos, videos and files publicly, then your friends will not require a Microsoft account to access them. It allows you to download a single photo or multiple photos or an entire to album at once.

Following are the steps to Download Photos from OneDrive to your Mac:

Download onedrive for macbook pro desktop
  1. Go to & sign in to your account.
  2. Once you are signed in to your account, you will see all your photo and video albums.
  3. open the photo album. You will see a checkbox at the top right corner when you mouse over the photos.
  4. Select the photos which you want to download.
  5. Click 'Download' button located on the menu bar or you can 'Right click' & select the 'Download' option.
  6. You will be prompted to save the .zip file. Choose the location where you wish to save the downloaded file.
  7. Your photos will now be downloaded to Mac.

Download Onedrive For Macbook Pro Windows 10

You can install PicBackMan's SkyDrive uploader for Mac from the website and start backing up photos and videos.

Install Onedrive On Macbook

Onedrive for macbook pro download

Download Onedrive For Macbook Pro Desktop

  1. Download and install Microsoft OneDrive for Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android.
  2. Download and set up OneDrive Files On-Demand. Download and install OneDrive Files On-Demand for Mac. For new OneDrive accounts on Mac OS Mojave, Files On-Demand is turned on by default when you set up OneDrive. Existing users need to turn on Files On-Demand in OneDrive Preferences.
  3. Turn on Finder integration. If you’re on OSX 10.10 or higher, get sync status directly from Finder by enabling Finder overlays in Settings. First, click the Apple logo in the top left corner of your Mac Desktop and select System Preferences, then select Extensions in the top-level menu (shown in the 3rd row from the top). Toggle on the OneDrive Finder Integration to enable Finder overlays.