Download Samsung Kies For Macbook Air

Question: Q: Is it safe to download PC Kies from onto my Mac in order to connect to a S5? I have a Samsung S5 and want to connect it my Mac Air to upload photos stored on the Mac. The phone isn't being recognised and tells me I need to download onto my Mac PC Kies from Kies Air download for windows XP, 7, 8 and Vista. Samsung Kies Windows makes it possible for the owners of Samsung mobile phones to update their phones wireless. This free service from Samsung contains a software that can be used to exchange files easily. The software can be used updating your firmware or send your photos to your computer.

Samsung Kies lets you sync and transfer data between your Mac and Samsung mobile device. It supports all modern Android phones and tablets made by Samsung that are as of 2014 running on all firmware versions between 2.3 and 4.3. Read on to find out how to download and install Samsung Smart Switch Mac and how to use it to the best of its capabilities. Part 1: Download Samsung Smart Switch for Mac At a day and age when we are heavily dependent on technology, Samsung Smart Switch Mac is one such software that endeavors to make our lives a little simpler. Method Two: Install Smart Switch Samsung Software. If you don’t want headache in installing drivers manually, just download one of the fellowing software: Kies Air for older phone, Kies Air 3 For older Smartphone till samsung galaxy s3 or Smart Switch for newer samsung devices and latest usb driver version.

Mac and Android are typically incompatible. This is where Samsung Kies steps in, building a bridge between the two operating systems. It could use some work, but it’s one of the few options available.

An awkward romance

This is a decent attempt at creating compatibility between Mac computers and Samsung Android devices.
Download Samsung Kies For Macbook Air

Samsung Kies is all about creating a backup of all of your information, except for copyrighted content, on your computer. In this case, it tries to send your Android data to a Mac computer. Generally, these two operating systems don’t get along. However, there are times when this application functions, even if it is limited. There are some great things about it, though.

Plugging your phone into your computer, you can easily see all the information it has stored on your screen. This is fantastic for managing large quantities of information that would otherwise be tedious on your device’s small screen. This is, in part, thanks to the great user interface. But, apart from easy synchronization with your e-mail accounts, it struggles to transfer actual information.

A large complaint from general users is that it has some serious bugs. These involve issues while syncing that cause loss of data. You heard right, using this application puts your data at risk of permanent loss. This is especially frustrating considering there are plenty of alternatives, like AirMore, protect your information in this delicate process. An unreliable backup app is something you should definitely avoid.

Where can you run this program?

This program runs on Samsung Android devices and Mac products.

Is there a better alternative?

Absolutely. This program gets a thumbs up for the effort, but WonderShare MobileGo is a much better choice. It’s more reliable and keeps your data safe.

Our take

You should consider picking a better alternative. If a backup program has a chance of losing your information, it defeats the purpose.

Should you download it?

No. Keep your media files safe, and choose another option.


Are you looking for the best all in one tool for Android? A tool that can manage and control your Android from a PC. And also transfer files from PC to Android. Yes, we are talking about Samsung Kies, an official software from the Korean OEM Samsung itself. The name Kies stands for ‘Key Intuitive Easy System’.

This Samsung official tool has a lot more to offer than just a data transfer feature. However, it is not commonly used today, because of the other free options that are available out there. For that reason alone, today we are going to focus on Samsung Kies, its features, pros and cons, system requirement, and alternative tools.

1.What is Samsung Kies?
2.Samsung Kies Features
3.Advantages of Samsung Kies
4.Disadvantages of Samsung Kies

What is Samsung Kies?

Kies is a proprietary Samsung free software application to communicate between a Samsung mobile phone and a computer, usually through a wired USB connection. However, the Samsung Kies latest update supports a wireless LAN Kies connectivity for various new devices. Moreover, it is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit of Windows as well as Macintosh operating system.

This Samsung software enables you to backup and restore android phone to PC free. Besides, it also lets you synchronize your phone’s data with the PC and search for new applications. Moreover, Samsung Kies keeps your mobile phone up to date. Just connect your phone to PC using a USB cable, and you’ll be automatically notified with the latest firmware update. It’s that simple!

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Samsung Kies For Macbook

If you are looking for free firmware upgrade software, then Samsung Kies is the one for you. Furthermore, you can use Kies to transfer data from the old phone to a new Android phone with just a single click. Additionally, you can also view and browse apps in full screen on your Windows PC, of course without any network restrictions. Overall, this tool gives you complete control to manage your data and sync the Samsung phone to PC.

Depending upon the Android version, this tool is available in several versions. Samsung Kies 3 version 3.2.15041_2 supports all Samsung Galaxy devices running Android 4.3 or later. Besides, version supports devices with Android 2.1 to 4.2. There is also a Kies Mini version, which supports only specific phones such as Samsung Captivate, Infuse, or Vibrant.

System Requirement

  • Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, MAC
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz or above (Windows) 1.8GHz Intel or faster processor (MAC)
  • RAM: 1.00GB (Windows) 512MB or more (MAC)
  • HDD Space: 500MB (Windows) 100MB (MAC)
  • Required Software: .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 or above, Windows Media Player 10 or above, DirectX 9.0C or above

Samsung Kies Features

The detailed Samsung Kies features are listed below. Check them out!

1. Import and Export

  • With this tool, you can conveniently import photos and videos from phone to PC and vice versa.
  • Additionally, it also lets you transfer contacts, messages, podcasts, and music files.

2. Backup and Restore

  • For safety, this official software lets you backup your important phone data on your PC.
  • If your mobile phone gets stolen or bricked, then you can easily restore the saved data on a new device.

3. Update Mobile Software

  • As soon as you connect the phone to PC, Kies detects your device model and automatically notifies a new firmware version.
  • Besides, this feature helps to always keep your phone updated with the latest Stock ROM.

4. Wireless Connection

  • The latest Samsung Kies 3 supports a wireless LAN connectivity for many new Galaxy smartphones and tablets.
  • Simply connect your phone to the tool using Wi-Fi and synchronize the data.

5. Sync Samsung Contacts

  • Kies offers you to synchronize phone contacts with Google account, Yahoo as well as Outlook.
  • Additionally, you can easily add or edit phone contacts on PC.
  • On the other hand, you can also sync music, photos, videos, podcasts, books, and memos.

Advantages of Samsung Kies

Let’s check out some exciting Samsung Kies advantages.

1. Clean User Interface

  • The tool sports an easy to use and simple user interface that helps you to navigate without any issues.
  • Besides, the multi-tab layout and well-organized set of functions makes a task more convenient.

2. Wide range of Features

  • You can implement plenty of operations with a wide range of features.
  • On the other hand, there is absolutely no need for any third-party app like File Manager, or Backup and Restore.

3. Easy and Quick Installation

  • The software setup requires a few drivers that are automatically downloaded and installed.
  • Additionally, you do not require to search for these drivers separately on Google.

Kies Air Download For Pc

4. Supports Multimedia Format

  • This application supports a wide range of multimedia files, that can be moved from your Android device to PC and vice versa.
  • Also, it lets you transfer audio (MP3, AAC, WAV, and OGG), video (DIVX, WMV, AVI, MOV, MKV, 3GP, and MP4), and image (GIF, JPG, BMP) files.

5. Built-In Video Conversion

  • Kies comes with a built-in converter to encode videos manually or automatically.
  • Furthermore, you can convert the videos in a specific resolution, bitrate, and frame rate.

Disadvantages of Samsung Kies

Download Kies For Samsung Phone

Now, we’ll check out the drawbacks of Samsung Kies.

1. Connectivity

  • Users have noticed that the software tends to disconnect and becomes unresponsive, especially on Mac OS.
  • Besides, to solve this Kies connectivity problem, you simply need to disconnect and reconnect the USB cable from your PC.

2. Slow Speed

  • Sometimes, the tool takes too long to sync or move data from the phone to the computer and vice versa.
  • Moreover, it happens mostly for HD pictures and video files.
  • To fix this issue, you need to download Samsung Kies 3 latest version.

Download Samsung Kies For Macbook Air 2

3. Bugs

  • For a few users, this app duplicates the outlook contacts on PC.
  • Moreover, it also makes the computer crash several times.

4. No proper instructions

  • During an error message, users are asked to reconnect the device by unplugging the USB cable.
  • Sometimes, you can solve this problem by disabling USB debugging, or by closing apps.
  • Samsung should include a valid instruction guide to fix this error message.


Samsung Kies (All Versions)

Samsung Kies Alternatives

  1. AkrutoSync
  2. HiSuite
  3. Samsung Smart Switch
  4. Wondershare MobileGo
  5. Samsung SideSync
  6. Droid Explorer
  7. MOBILedit

How to Use Samsung Kies?

  • You can use this official Samsung tool to carry out several functions such as import, export, backup, restore, update firmware, and sync accounts, etc.
  • Just download and install it on your computer, then connect your Android device using a standard USB data cable.
  • Moreover, it will automatically install mobile-specific USB drivers, along with the DirectX drivers on your PC.
  • Also, it will also automatically recognize your mobile phone model number.
  • And, if a new Android firmware version is available, the tool will immediately notify you.
  • Finally, a simple user interface and easy instructions will further guide you on how to use Kies.

If you have any queries, or suggestions related to this article, then kindly comment below. Thank you!