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Download VIP72 for Windows to get access to VIP Socks/VPN Service and surf the Web anonymously. DO NOT try to use another websites! Risks Acknowledgment. Risks Acknowledgment: Offered goods and services are not provided on order of a person or company, who runs WebMoney Transfer System. We are an independent entity providing services and making decisions about pricing and offers ourselves.

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  • Socks manager
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  • Windows x64 support
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  • Large proxies database

Redirecting network connections through a Socks server
Forwarding DNS queries through a Socks server
Socks manager with built-in checker
Floating panel bytsrogo access
The ability to create up to 50 local Socks5-server
Multifunctional catalog Socks-server
Determination of the town and the current time from a proxy
Checking the IP address blacklists asntispam filters
Added proxy is not stored in the shared database
Access to paid based on the fast and anonymous Socks
  • Redirect connections on TCP / IP protocol for all applications in the operating system, WINDOWS, through a Socks server.
  • Intercept DNS requests applications for permission to produce a domain name on the side of the Socks server that allows you to hide your ISP's DNS server.
  • The substitution of the language and the system time to the corresponding location is used Socks server. Allows you to mask the application for a specific country. Please note, does not work with all applications!
  • Create up to 50 profiles, each of which, in essence, is a full Socks5 server listening on the port specified in its configuration.
  • Ability to define settings for groups socksified application or per-application basis. In fact, you can simultaneously socksificate up to 50 different applications, each of them specifying a proxy server to work.
  • Easy to use and full-Socks-checker, to manage their lists of proxies. In it, you can add, check, delete and sort your list for a comfortable working with him in the future.
  • The full version of the program, users have access to more advanced check proxy, namely, address verification in 5 main black list, the definition of the city, time, and the language of the proxy.
  • Access to paid, private database EscortDatabase, which contains more than 10 000 different servers, Socks, 90% of which are available only at our disposal. Learn more about EscortDatabase you can read here. Current statistics available in your account after registration.
  • Managing the process soksifitsirovaniya application without switching to the program itself, using the Quick Access Toolbar.
Thank you guys. It has long dreamed of on the job for a couple of minutes, relax, on the Internet. Administrators at work restrict access to entertainment content and watch more, and who goes where. Now I can sit in facebook when I want)))
Хорошая программа, но не хватает справочных материалов, по началу трудно разобраться со значением всех этих настроек, благо их не так много. Так-же бы неплохо создать небольшую справочную статью, в которой бы объяснялись типичные ситуации, и как лучше настроить программу.

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Download Vip72 For Window

It is good that there is a possibility socksificate virtual machine, what you need! With other software, I could not get to do so, had to run the software directly on the working vmvare, but I have 3.Bad of course, that the DNS requests from the virtual machine is not forwarded, but the authors hope to solve this problem, and then have to use Google's DNS servers.
A+++ for all escort team and special for you Skype support service im very happy thanks :)

Latest news

  • 04th Nov 2020
    Hang bug and other minor bugs fixed in 2.8 version
  • 07th Sep 2020
    New SocksEscort v2.7 and huge update of proxy list!
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