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Download Apple FaceTime for Mac to make video calls to iPhone 4, the new iPod touch, or another Mac. 3 months free with 1-year plan. Download Now Best for customer support. Download Apple FaceTime for Mac to make video calls to iPhone 4, the new iPod touch, or another Mac. 3 months free with 1-year plan. Download Now Best for customer support. It does not just help you how to clear Facetime history on Mac, it helps you do other things that can clean and speed up your Mac. Now, if you just really want to stick to clearing out Facetime history on Mac, then go right ahead and use the app itself.

  • How to setup FaceTime on Mac? As the FaceTime app is installed on your Mac by default, there’s nothing extra you need to download and the setup process is quite straightforward: Open the FaceTime app by clicking on the FaceTime icon in the menu bar or press ⌘ + Space and type FaceTime. If FaceTime isn’t already turned on, click Turn On.
  • Repeat step 2 until all participants are listed. To start the FaceTime call, click the Video button or the Audio button (or use the Touch Bar). If you click the Audio button and you’re set up to make phone calls on your Mac, you can choose whether to make a FaceTime audio call or a phone call.When you’re on a FaceTime audio call or phone call, the camera is automatically off.

FaceTime is an Apple service which allows you to make phone and video calls. You can talk with your loved ones everywhere they are, even if they don't have a WiFi connection.

Chat from anywhere

FaceTime is a video messaging app that allows you to initiate video calls with Apple users.

Free audio and video

With FaceTime, communicate with your friends and family quickly and effectively. This app is superior to other messaging applications in terms of quality.

The images are sharper as it can receive HD video calls up to 720p.

The setup is relatively easy, and the process is fast and simple. Everyone from kids to grandparents can learn how to use it. Enter your Apple ID, and you're good to go.

Once your account is ready, using FaceTime is like using your phone to make a call. Enter your contact list within the app, press the call button, and there you have it!

FaceTime is used globally because you're not calling through phone services. Talk to people from all around the world with this application, just send them a message, and they will get it immediately. It works with WiFi connection and with mobile data.

It is an efficient video messaging app out there in terms of the quality of the calls. the only downside is that it is only available for Apple users. Let's hope one day we get one for users from all devices!

Where can you run this program?

You can download FaceTime on Apple devices such as iPhone (from the iPhone 4 and up), iPod touch, iPad, and Apple computers and laptops.

Is there a better alternative?


No. There are a lot of apps on the market that allow you to make phone and video calls, but FaceTime continues to be the best one because the quality of the video and audio is superior.

Our take

Facetime Macbook Pro Download Free

FaceTime is an amazing, easy to use app that helps you communicate with your loved ones everywhere that they are. It has the best quality individual and group video chats.

Should you download it?

Facetime On Macbook Download Free

Yes. If you own an Apple device, this app is a must-have on your phone. There are plenty of similar apps available, but you will always return to FaceTime.

Download Facetime for PC /Windows: Facetime is an iOS application that comes preinstalled on the Apple devices like iPhone, Ipad, and Mac Computers for free of cost. It is a video messaging app that will enhance the User experience of video calling without video interruption. It has been working flawlessly for Years on Apple products, and none of the other video messaging apps can’t provide the video quality of Facetime. I thought to install facetime on Windows PC after using it on Mac computer, but Facetime is not available for Windows and Android devices officially. You need to follow our step by step guide on How to Install Facetime for Windows and use facetime on your PC.

In this tutorial, we are also going to talk about features of Facetime and how to use facetime on windows. We are going to show how to create and use apple id in Facetime as non-iOS users may find it difficult when using it for the first time. Go through hardware requirements before you start installing faceting on your Computer. You don’t need to configure anything when you are using it for the first time as it comes to default settings.

Features of Facetime App

Facetime comes with loads of best features which are not available in the other video calling apps for Android and iOS. We are listing some of the best features of Facetime Apk. iMessage on PC Download

  • High Definition video call with uninterrupted video during the call.
  • Convert any ongoing audio/phone call into video call instantly with facetime
  • Setting up facetime is easy and quick with apple id, and you can make calls immediately
  • It uses every inch of your device screen to provide widescreen during the call
  • Playback controls fade away during the call and provide a full-screen display
  • You can Pause, mute, or stop video streaming anytime with one click.
  • Make calls using you address book contacts or apple id and quickly review call logs of facetime

Download Facetime for PC Windows

Officially Facetime is not available for windows. So we are going to Download facetime on windows 8 using the below link and Install it using any android emulator on windows. Facetime video chat for PC is the best option for you among all the video chat applications. Download Facetime App using the below direct link.

After downloading facetime for free from the above link, follow the installation procedure because here we are going to install the App using the android emulator not directly.

How to Install and Use Facetime for PC.

As we have downloaded Facetime for Android App using the above link, Now we are going to install it using the Bluestacks App player. Please read the below steps carefully, or else you will find difficulty while installing and using Facetime on your Windows computer.

Step 1. Download Bluestacks App player from here and Install it on your PC.

Step 2. After Installing Bluestacks on your computer, Now Right-click on the App and Click open with Bluestacks to Install the apk file on the Bluestacks which you have downloaded from the above link.


Step 3. You have successfully installed App. Open the App to login into the app using the existing Apple id, or you can create new apple id by visiting the Apple.com

Step 4. Now you will see the saved contacts in the app which registered with facetime, or you can use save apple id linked email address in contacts.

Step 5. You are done with installing Apple Facetime for PC on your computer. Now you can start Facetime video chat on PC by clicking on the contact.

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FAQs- Facetime Download for PC

Here are the few frequently asked questions after installing Facetime for PC Windows 10. If you are any questions regarding Facetime, you can also ask us by leaving a comment below.

Is facetime App free for a lifetime?

Yes, Facetime is completely free for a lifetime. You have to only pay carrier data charges for video calling, and It’s completely free if you are using wifi.

How to add friends on Facetime?

This App uses saved details from the contacts list. So, you need to save your friend’s Apple linked email address in the contact list.

Will facetime work in my country?

Facetime Apple Download Free

Yes, it will work in almost all countries. Millions of users using it all over the world to connect each other


Facetime On Macbook Download Free Download

Download facetime for mac

Facetime On Macbook Download Free Windows 10

We have been using facetime for quite a long time and impressed with the quality it’s providing for video calls. I hope you enjoy using Facetime for PC on your Windows computer. if you have anything to ask please leave a comment below.