Free Download Kundli Software For Mac Os X

Free Download Kundli Software For Mac Os X

Kundli Software Download. All you need now is a click to create and download Kundli using our Kundli download software at superior quality software for making Kundli, Matching Kundli for matrimonial alliance, and getting a Janam Kundli done for a new born.It’s superior features and high quality make it the first choice of Astrologers who love to move on with time. Download antivirus for mac software from Comodo. Free antivirus for mac secures your PC with advanced security solutions and improve security.

Q: Which is more accurate, Janam kundali made by panchang or software?

  • A software kundli may be more precise as it prevents manual errors in calculation. Panchang is the tool used by traditional astrologers to determine the planetary positions at the specific time of birth and place of birth. Deciding the exact planetary positions, preparation and analysis of birth chart etc. include numerous complex astrological calculations. A minor error in any of these calculations would result in a faulty kundli.

  • Kundli prepared with LifeSign Mini can be considered authentic as it avoids manual calculation mistakes. In all astrological calculations, the software retains a high amount of accuracy.

Q: Does this kundli software provide Rahu and Ketu dosha predictions?

Kundli Software For Pc Free Download

  • Yes, LifeSign Mini kundali software provides Rahu & Ketu dosha predictions. Rahu and Ketu are respectively Ascending & Descending lunar nodes. They are considered to be planets in Vedic Astrology and are part of the Navagraha. Rahu and Ketu can play key roles in your life. Their malignant positionings can impart some doshas in life, especially in the matters of marriage. LifeSign Mini free online kundali software studies the positions of Rahu & Ketu in your natal chart, checks for doshas and gives predictions based on that.