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Hi so I have a Mac running El Capitan, and wanted to download the installer to put on a USB drive for another computer. When I try to download it, it says “cannot download” how can I fix this?

Thanks in advance!

Mac OS X El Capitan ISO – Download Mac OS El Capitan ISO Setup Files Free: The MacBook and the Apple’s Mac are the second most widely used and famous portable Computers. The first place is occupied by the Family of Windows Computers, this is due to their cheaper prices, and ease of access. El Capitan supports all Macs introduced in 2009 and later, and some models introduced in 2007 and 2008. Testing conducted by Apple in August 2015 using 2.7GHz Intel Core i5–based 13-inch MacBook Pro systems with 128GB of flash storage and 8GB of RAM. Tested with prerelease OS X v10.11.

Is this a good question?


Where are you getting it from? And what is your exact system.

What is giving you the error the OS or the web browser you are using to access it.

I am downloading it from a mid 2011 desktop, the App Store is giving me the error

@random_user_101 - Which Mid 2011 system a Mac mini, 21.5' iMac or a 27' iMac?

The computer that I want it for it a early 2011 17' MacbookPro Non Unibody. It has 10.5 because I had to restore it. I do not think that 10.5 internet recovery. Also, 10.11 is the latest compatible version for it.

Macbook Pro El Capitan Download

Download El Capitan For Macbook Pro

The 2011 17' MacBook Pro is a Unibody the older 2006 ~ 2008 where based on the older frame. Is that what you have?

Macbook Pro El Capitan Download Torrent

How about just telling us the exact model. How about plugging in your systems S/N here and tell us what you have [ EveryMac - Lookup}