My Book Won't Download To My Macbook Pro

My Macbook Pro suddenly shut down and is not turning on, no chime, no Apple logo. There was no exposure to water. (However, I had kept a steaming bowl of hot water right next to the laptop.But this was in an open kitchen) The Pro had less than 10% charge when it suddenly shut down. Connect the power adapter to the Mac. On the MacBook Pro's keyboard, hold down the Shift+Control+Option keys and the Power button at the same time. Release all keys and the power button at the same time – the little light on the MagSafe adapter may. I’m trying to copy a folder of photos from my MacBook Pro to My Book, when I try that, the “copy WD Internal Drive” option is not available. When I try to drag & drop (just to test if that is even possible), I get a 'My Book can not be modified? Can any one help with this? My friend and I both have 13-inch Mid 2010 MacBook Pro's. Same processor and specs since they were purchased at the same time, but originally had 250 GB hard drives. His hard drive failed and needed a new one. The problem can arise due to many reasons 1. It can be possible that you changed your browsers settings. Also you’ve installed some which are buggy. Follow below listed steps to reset your browser.


Why won't my MacBook Pro recognize my Nikon camera? - 1


I tried multiple USB cords and on both ports, it works with my Canon Powershot fine, but won't show up when I plug in my Nikon D40.

Also I was taking pictures and when I went to upload them into my computer magically everything was lost? I had hundreds of pictures in there and I know for a fact I did not do any deleting. Now when I turn it on it tells me I need to format the card. What's going on?


What are you attempting to do?

If you are attempting to copy image files from your camera to your computer, you need to remove the memory card from the camera and insert it into your Apple computer. Use Finder to copy all the images from the card to a new file folder you name for the subject/location and date so you can find the images years later

My Book Won't Download To My Macbook Pro 2020

If when you have your card in the card reader, the card shows empty or is said it needs to be formatted (do NOT format any of your cards using your Apple computer)

Download a free image recovery program like the Transcend RecoveRx and using it, recover the images that have become corrupted on your memory card

My Book Won

MacBook Pros usually only recognise Apple products


If all you need to do is copy photos from the camera to the computer, you don't need to fix that issue. Get a cheap USB card reader and use that to connect the camera's memory card directly to the computer's USB slot then use Finder to do the copying to know exactly where you put the photos and to be sure the quality does not change during the process.


I suspect, unfortunately, that you have not been following the explicit instructions (page 55 of the manual), which says the order of connection is computer ON, switch camera OFF, attach USB cord to both devices, switch camera ON. The software on the MBP (iPhoto or Photos, depending on the age of the MBP) will detect the connection and allow you to import photos.
The alternative is to take the SD card out of the camera (switch the camera OFF first!) and put it straight into the slot on the MBP. Again, iPhoto/Photos will detect the pictures directly. Before you remove the card, it is vital to use the software Eject in Finder. I suspect that you have not done that, which is why the card is now scrambled. Don't try and write anything to the card. Use a file recovery program to retrieve the missing pictures first, and then reformat the card in the camera, NOT in the computer.


You don'tknow what youre doing because you didn't follow the instructions in the Nikon manual


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Hi there, do you know how can i use a Nikon D3100 as as webcam on a macbok pro? Thank you in advance.

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My Book Won't Download To My Macbook Pro 13.3

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