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© Mapodile/Getty Images OneNote is entirely free. Mapodile/Getty Images
  • Microsoft's OneNote is free for all users, whether you're on a Mac, a PC, an iPhone or iPad, or an Android device.
  • OneNote is a note-taking app that can help you organize your work and ideas.
  • Newer versions of Microsoft 365 come with OneNote built-in, alongside staples like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • You can download OneNote by itself for free from the Microsoft App Store, Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store, depending on what kind of device you have.
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OneNote is a notebook, a scrapbook, a whiteboard, and a pad of Post-It notes, all rolled into one program. If you spend a lot of time working on your computer, and you're looking for a program to help you get organized, OneNote might be for you.

However, OneNote is technically part of Microsoft 365, along with programs like Word and Excel. And while all these programs are useful, they can be incredibly expensive.

So this begs the question: how much does it cost to use Microsoft OneNote?

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Microsoft OneNote is very popular for its note-taking capabilities. OneNote is packed with very powerful features for note takers and completely free. However, the free version of the OneNote is only limited to read-only mode, for editing or adding a new note, you need a Microsoft 365 account, which is a premium service. As predicted a week ago, Microsoft has just released a version of its OneNote client for OS X—it's currently a free download in the Mac App Store, and it's available for any Mac running OS X 10.9. The full Windows version of OneNote 2013 has also been released as a free download, and it includes all the features of the standard OneNote client. Go to to get OneNote for free for your Mac, PC or other devices, and try out the new OneNote service connected experiences. If you are using a 64-bit edition of Microsoft Office: Click here to download the 64-bit edition of OneNote 2016 for Windows.

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OneNote is free to download and use

Unlike other Microsoft programs, you never have to pay anything for OneNote. This is true no matter what kind of device you have — Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, or Android.

© Steven John/Business Insider OneNote makes it easy to compile pictures, handwritten or typed notes, and other media into one easy-to-access place. Steven John/Business Insider

On a PC, you can download OneNote for free from the Microsoft Store. On a Mac, it'll be in the Apple App Store.

Onenote Free Download For Mac Downloads

No matter which computer you use, head to OneNote's website, click 'Free Download,' and you'll be brought to the download page.

© William Antonelli/Business Insider You can download OneNote by itself, or as part of Microsoft 365. William Antonelli/Business Insider

On an iPhone or iPad, you can find the mobile OneNote app in the App Store. There's even a version available for Apple Watches.

On an Android, head to the Google Play Store to download it.

If you want to get OneNote alongside programs like Word and Excel, you can buy Microsoft 365 for $69.99 a year. This comes with all of Microsoft's famous Office apps, including OneNote.

And if your PC came with Microsoft 365 built-in, you likely already have OneNote installed.

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© dennizn/Shutterstock Microsoft lets users download a free version of OneNote from their website. dennizn/Shutterstock
  • You can download OneNote in the correct version for your system or device through available links at
  • You can get OneNote as a part of a Microsoft 365 subscription, or use the free version.
  • To download OneNote for mobile devices, you'll need to go to your app store.
  • OneNote is similar to Evernote; it's Microsoft's note-taking app that is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
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Onenote Free Download For Mac Windows 7

OneNote, Microsoft's note-taking app that's a part of the Microsoft Office suite, is available for Windows and the Mac, as well as for iOS and Android devices.

OneNote is similar to note-taking apps like Evernote and uses a notebook-like structure to help you keep your information organized. You can establish multiple notebooks, and each one can have various sections with unlimited pages. You can type free-form notes, insert photos and video clips, add links, embed audio clips, and more.

© Dave Johnson/Business Insider OneNote is a general-purpose note-taking app for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

While you can purchase OneNote as part of a subscription to Microsoft 360, OneNote is also available for free. The free version is called OneNote 2016 and is the version that initially appeared with Office 2016. It includes most, but not all, of the features found in the latest version of OneNote that comes in Microsoft 365.

Here is how to get the free version.

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How to download OneNote

Downloading OneNote is straightforward, though the version you download depends in part on what device you are trying to install it on.

Here are all the download locations for the free version of OneNote:

  • Download OneNote on Windows
  • Download OneNote on Mac
  • Download OneNote on iPad
  • Download OneNote on iPhone
  • Download OneNote on Android
© Dave Johnson/Business Insider You can download OneNote on various devices. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

Once on the page for your OneNote version, click the Download button to get OneNote for Windows or Mac. If you're using a mobile device, you can download the program from your device's app store.

After downloading OneNote for Windows or the Mac, find the downloaded file in your web browser's file manager and run the file to start the installer and set up OneNote.

If you prefer, you can purchase OneNote for Windows or the Mac by subscribing to Microsoft 365.


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