Pandora Download For Macbook Air

Listen to the music you want with an endless radio that customizes to your tastes. Voice-activated tunes adds to its appeal.

Pandora Premium is currently $9.99 per month, while SiriusXM Premier is $13 a month. Still, if you're highly attached to Pandora's on-demand music service and aren't a fan of talk radio, there. Popular streaming platform Pandora is now hoping to improve the HomePod support level with its latest version 2010.1 update that officially adds support for Apple's smart speaker lineup. HomePod owners can now not only play specific music in Pandora, but also their favorite podcasts, as well as using vocal commands via Siri. Play the songs, albums, playlists and podcasts you love on the all-new Pandora. Explore subscription plans to stream ad-free and on-demand. Listen on your mobile phone, desktop, TV.

Free custom playlist has the edge on categorization

Pandora Download For Macbook Air

The service that revolutionized the music listening industry

Pandora is a free streaming music app. The Music Genome project gives Pandora an edge. Its detailed song analysis comprises almost 450 different categories.

When you listen to Pandora music, those algorithms combine to form the core of Pandora’s listening experience -- and a better guarantee you’ll actually enjoy what you hear. But does it deliver?

When you use the Pandora app for the first time, you’ll have to turn over personal info like your zip code, the year of your birth, and if you are male or female -- there are no other options here. You can’t create an account without this step.

Pandora states this information sharing is to “personalize your experience” which likely translates to “here are ads that match your demographic.” It’s an annoying intro.

Make your own media library

The frustrations with Pandora only grow as you break into the app. The interface lacks the sleekness of competitors like Apple Music and Spotify. While Pandora’s layout is clean and bright, it feels dated and cumbersome.

To get to the music, you can go “old school” and browse but at least Pandora integrates voice commands. Request the top hits, songs to workout to, or “something awesome” with a tap on the microphone icon and a “Hey, Pandora.”

As you use Pandora, the app will figure out the kind of music you prefer and generate your own Thumbprint radio. For free users, the app will use songs you've thumbed up and add in other songs from artists the app believes will fit your tastes.

When a song isn’t a match, you aren’t stuck listening to it forever. Like the rest of the music-streaming services, you can thumbs down any track you don’t want to hear.

If you want to listen to a specific song on mobile, you have to either spring for Pandora Premium or watch a short ad. After viewing the ad, you can hear your tune using Pandora Premium. When the song is over, you’ll revert back to the basic listening experience which always includes ads.

For the best results, you need to create playlists and add artists or bands to your playlist. Search for what you want or browse through Pandora’s selection. You’ll tap “+” to add anything you want to your list.

Find your favorite bands and more

Click on your favorite band and you’ll see the number of active listeners and a brief blurb. Tap on the summary to learn more or continue scrolling for more music.

Unlike other services (like Spotify), Pandora doesn’t display all the band’s albums on one convenient screen. You have to click again to view the rest of the albums.

If you want to view similar bands, you will be shown three related groups, and will tap again to see other artists. Pandora offers a limited number of related bands so it is harder to find new bands to you or a way to fast revisit a past favorite.

But, with Pandora’s Music Genome project, it is fun to see what bands the service feels are similar -- and why. If you looked at Breaking Benjamin and “The Diary of Jane,” you can view how Pandora analyses the song.

Pandora describes the features of this song as “Hard rock roots,” “a subtle use of vocal harmony,” “mild rhythmic syncopation,” and “repetitive melodic phrasing.”

It’s an interesting look at why Pandora believes you’ll like the songs they choose and how they overlap. It’s also pretty good at figuring out what you’d like but, of course, it’s not 100% accurate. But, it sure feels pretty close.

Pandora Download For Macbook Air

Pandora radio and the method behind it seems more right than wrong based on the way they categorize the music you love.

Where can you run this program?

You can install the Pandora app on your Android or Apple device, listen through any browser, or via the downloadable desktop program (but only for premium members).

Is there a better alternative?

Spotify boasts a grand collection -- more than 50 million songs, 450,000 podcasts and 3 billion playlists. That service dwarfs Pandora’s few million tracks and 1400 podcasts. It also can’t keep up with Apple Music’s 45 million songs.

Pandora’s twenty exclusive SiriusXM shows only available through Pandora don’t make up for the big difference in musical options.

The app does have a social option missing in other services. You can access your favorite band’s Twitter account. Scroll to the bottom of the band’s page on Pandora, then click the “follow on Twitter” button.

It’s an easy way to keep up with your faves though Spotify and Apple Music win on the “sharing” front with their Facebook connection option for simple playlist shares.

Pandora and Spotify pull ahead for anyone not wanting to have to pay for music. Those services offer a free version Apple Music lacks.

But, the free radio and detailed categorization aren’t enough to help Pandora keep up with the two big dogs of music.

Our take

Pandora is a decent option for anyone who wants fast access to music without a lot of extras. Voice features, excellent radio capabilities, and an emphasis on podcasts help keep Pandora in the game.

Should you download it?

No. Pandora may have a handful of exclusive podcasts but the service doesn’t look as good or offer a significant musical library to make it worth the old-fashioned, clunky overall experience.


When you are launching your MacBook Air/Pro, you might be encountering some problems, for instance, Mac is not playing sounds or Mac won't play sound through headphones. So how can we fix the problem that you don't hear sound on Mac? Fortunately, we will list advisable solutions to help you to fix these two cases in no sound on Mac problem.

Case 1: Mac Not Playing Sounds, How to Fix

Some people are complaining on Apple Support Communities that they can't hear sound on MacBook Air/Pro. To resolve this problem that Mac not playing sounds, please follow the solutions below.

Play a music to check if the Mac really doesn't play sounds. If the progress bar is moving but you don't hear anything, there is definitely no sound.

Solution 1: Restart MacBook Air/Pro

Pandora Download For Macbook Air Pro

Restart your MacBook Air/Pro. As we know, sometimes a simple restart can fix some minor glitches, including audio issue that Mac sound is not working.

Solution 2: Volume Up MacBook


Make sure you've turned volume up, or you can press down the Volume Up button because when volume is set to minimum, you are unable to hear the sound.

Solution 3: Update macOS

Employ the up-to-date macOS: Go to Apple menu and select Software Update to check for available update. Now, the latest version is macOS Catalina.

Solution 4: Play Music on Other Apps

Sometimes problem that no sound on Mac might be cause by the bug of the application.

Solution 5: Check Audio Settings on Mac

Check for System Preferences: Click on Apple menu > System Preferences > Sound. And then, choose Output > Internal Speaker. Make sure you've disabled the check box of Mute and moved the volume slider to the right. Quit System Preferences.

Solution 6: Unplug External Speakers

Make sure you disconnect any external speaker on MacBook because it is possible that the sound might be delivered to your TV when you've plugged the MacBook to the TV.

Solution 7: Reboot the Sound Controller

Go to Activity Monitor in Utilities folder > select coreaudiod in Process Name > click on the Quit Process button. And then, Sound Controller will restart automatically so as to make Mac sound work again.

Solution 8: Reset the NVRAM on your MacBook Air/Pro

When there is an audio issue on Mac, resetting the NVRAM should be taken into consideration. Press and hold Command, Option, R, P keys after restarting your MacBook Air/Pro. See Also: How to Reset NVRAM on Your MacBook Air/Pro

Solution 9: Reset the SMC on your MacBook Air/Pro

The operations are different depending on whether you Mac has removable battery or not. Get more information: How to Reset SMC on Your MacBook Air/Pro

If all the solutions above can not fix your problem, you'd better contact Apple Support for help directly.

Case 2: Mac Won't Play Sound Through Headphones

Likewise, an user from Apple Support Communities is saying 'When I listened to music with my headphones yesterday, the music suddenly stopped. It looks like the music is still playing but no sound.' First of all, you need to unplug the headphones and play a music through Mac's internal speaker in order to make sure whether the headphones are not workable.

When you meet the problem that no sound come out through headphones plugged into Mac, some measure should be put into practice.

Solution 1: Basic Troubleshootings

To fix Mac won't play sound through headphones, you should try the following tricks.

  • Restart your MacBook.

  • Try to plug headphones to other devices such as iPhone or Android devices.

  • Reinsert headphones: Unplug the headphone, and then, plug it back again.

  • Set the volume to as high as you like by pressing the volume up button.

  • Using headphones from Apple.

Solution 2: Check Headphone Port

Check if there is anything blocking the headphone port: Raise the notebook and blow air into the headphone jack to clear the dust in the line-in port. If there is obstruction on the port, it will stop Mac from playing sound through headphones.

Solution 3: Reset Headphones Settings

Check for System Preferences: First, navigate to Sound in System Preferences by clicking on Apple menu. Next, select Headphones on Output section. And then, drag the output volume to the right and disable the Mute check box. Quit Preferences.

Solution 4: Change Speaker to Headphones

If you want to listen to the sound through your headphones plugged into MacBook Air/Pro when MacBook screen is cast on TV, you need to click the audio icon on the menu bar to change your speaker to Headphones.

Solution 5: Reboot the Sound Controller

Open Activity Monitor and choose coreaudiod in the list of Processes. And then, Quit the Process. And then, Sound Controller will restart automatically so as to fix the no sound on MacBook Air/Pro problem.

If you are not satisfied with all the solutions above, you might need an overhaul on the MacBook Air/Pro from Apple.