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SAS Studio in SAS Viya. Latest release information. SAS Studio 3.8 on SAS 9.4M6. Experimental support for Git integration. Ability to append new log information to the existing logs for programs and tasks. You can also automatically clear the log each time you submit code. I was using University Edition. Just upgraded virtual box, have made no other changes. Now I can't find my files! I know where they are on my laptop, just can't figure out where SAS Studio wants them to be so I can move them there. SAS University Edition includes SAS Studio, Base SAS, SAS/STAT, SAS/IML, SAS/ACCESS and several time series forecasting procedures from SAS/ETS. It's the same world-class analytics software used by more than 83,000 business, government and university sites around the world, including 92 of the top 100 companies on the Fortune Global 500 ®.

SAS Studio is a web application that lets you access SAS through your browser.

Sas studio download for macbook pro

How It Works

SAS Studio is an interface to the SAS server running on the WRDS environment. It provides a web-based interface allowing you to browse WRDS data, write and submit SAS programs, and review your SAS log from running programs. It looks very similar to the SAS application you might have installed on your PC, but offers the following benefits:

  • Runs in a Web browser which means you can access it from anywhere: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Runs on WRDS servers, so has direct access to all WRDS data (fast!)
  • Easily upload or download your data right from your browser.
  • Provides 10GB of storage space in your WRDS Cloud home directory, and up to 500GB storage space in your institution's shared scratch directory.

Sas Studio Download For Mac

All standard browsers are supported, including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Please be sure you are using an up-to-date version of your favorite browser.


At this time, SAS/Studio is available to faculty, staff, PhD students, masters students, and research assistants.

Sas Studio Download For Mac Download

People using a Mac and those who happen to be at a computer that does not have SAS installed will find SAS/Studio very convenient. Unix users looking for a more friendly interface may also find it useful.

More Information

For more information on SAS/Studio on WRDS, please see the following documentation:

This covers using SAS/Studio, storing your data, accessing WRDS data, programming in SAS, and includes a sample research data workflow to get you started.

Sas Studio Download For Mac

Currently there is not a version of SAS available for the Mac OS X operating system. However users can install VirtualBox on their mac. VirtualBox will allow the user to run SAS inside a virtual machine and access SAS from Mac OS with the data and SAS programs in a folder on Mac.

  • Computer
    • Mac OS X 10.8 or later
    • 64 bit hardware
    • One of the following web browsers:
      • Apple Safari 6.0 or later
      • Mozilla Firefox 21 or later
      • Google Chrome 27 or later
  • Software:
    • SAS University Edition virtual image downloaded to your local system
      • Available from:
    • VirtualBox for OS X 4.3.16 or later software
      • Available from:

The VirtualBox Quick Start Guide available at:

  1. Download VirtualBox:
    • Go to the Virtual box download page:
    • From the Virtual-5.xx platform packages select OS X Hosts.
    • If your browse asks to Open or Save the file select Save (for default download location) or Save As for a location of your choice
    • The file VirtualBox-5.x.y-zzz-OSX.dmg will begin downloading
  2. Locate the file VirtualBox-5.x.y-zzz-OSX.dmg
    • Double click the file to have its contents mounted
    • A screen will open prompting you to double click the VirtualBox.mpkg installer file
    • This will start the installation process. Note: you will be prompted to select a location to install VirtualBox.
    • After the installation is complete you will find VirtualBox in the Applications folder in the Finder

Download the SAS University Edition File for VirtualBox

  1. Go to
    • log in to your profile. if you do not have one, create one using your Queen's email. You will receive a activation email from SAS. Follow the instruction to activate and set password.
    • Look for the Download the SAS University Edition vApp
    • Click Get download
    • Click I agree to the Terms & Conditions
    • Click Continue
  2. The next page will open
    • Click Download
    • if prompted to save or run the file, select Save to save the file in your Downloads directory
  1. Create a shared folder for your data that is available to both the SAS University Edition virtual image and to your local system
    • On your local computer create a SASUniversityEdition folder
      • Note: This folder can not require administrative rights to access it
    • You will need to be able to locate this folder readily
    • Within the SASUniversityEdition folder create a subfolder named myfolders
  2. Launch VirtualBox
    • From the File menu select Import Appliance
  3. The Appliance to import screen will open
    • Click the folder icon to the right of the field
    • A file browser screen will open
    • Select the SAS University Edition .ova file
    • Click Open
    • Click Continue
  4. The Appliance Settings screen will open
    • Click Import
    • The imported virtual machine is displayed in the Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager screen
    • Note: if the message drives in use is displayed, click Ignore
    • Select Machine > Settings
    • Click Shared Folders
  5. The Shared Folders screen will open
    • In the Upper right of the screen click the + (plus) sign.
    • The Add Share screen will open
    • In the Folder Path field, click the arrow and select Other.
  6. A file browser screen will open
    • Select the myfolders folder you created, and then click Choose. This folder is mapped to the MyFolders folder in ASA Studio
    • Note: the shared folder name is case sensitive
  7. In the Add Share screen
    • Confirm that Read-only is NOT selected
    • Click Auto-mount
    • Click Make Permanent. Note: If the Make Permanent is not present, you do not need to do anything.
    • Click OK
    • If you wish to create additional shared folders you can do so by following the same instructions. They will appear in the SAS Studio under Folder Shortcuts
    • Click OK

Once VirtualBox is configure (imported: “unvbasicvapp_xxx__ova_en_sp0_1.ova”) and the resulting virtual machine is running (turned on in VirtualBox), you access SAS via the web browser in your Mac (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) at address: http://localhost/10080

  1. Open a browser
    • In the location bar enter http://localhost/10080
    • The SAS University Edition vApp will now be running and ready for you to use.

Getting Help

Is Sas Studio Free

  • Support is from SAS
    • Visit the SAS University Edition Help Center to learn what you need to know to get up and running with SAS University Edition.
  • SAS Analytics U Online Community
    • Get what you need for teaching and learning SAS. Connect with fellow SAS users to ask questions, share ideas and best practices, collaborate on projects and get peer support. Join the community now.

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Last Updated: January 17, 2018