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Spss For Mac free download - IBM SPSS Statistics, AVG AntiVirus for Mac, WinZip Mac, and many more programs. Mac users interested in Spss 22 free full version generally download: SPSS 27.0. SPSS is a powerful program for statistical analysis and data management. 18,480 — How can I install SPSS on Mac OS? Fortunately, the developers released a Mac OS version for SPSS. But, like the Windows version, it was released as a shareware version.


Restore Data from MacBook Air SSD v.


Restore Data from MacBookAir SSD is the most popular software over the internet, which is developed by several experience professionals and it is mainly designed to the users who lost their precious data on MacBook. This highly integrated application ...

  • Category: File and Disk
  • Developer: MacBook Air SSD Recovery
  • Download Buy: $179.00

MACbook Air Recovery v.2.0

MACbookair recovery software is one of best software , which is used by usersa to make MCbook air recovery. It is easy to use , it hs simple and easy steps which users can eaasily follow if they have no any technical experince as well.It creates an bootbakle ...

  • Category: Backup / File Synchronization
  • Developer: MACbook Air Recovery
  • Download Price: $129.00


Data Recovery MacBook v.2 1

Recover Data for MacBook data recovery software is an essential data recovery MacBook utility for recovering MacBook data from HFS & HFS+ file systems based Mac OS.
MacBook recovery software is highly powerful AppleMacBook data recovery software ...

  • Category: File and Disk
  • Developer: macbook data recovery
  • Download Price: $49.00

MacBook Data Recovery Software v.2 1

MacBook data recovery software gets you out of this trouble rapidly and carefully. Most excellent data recovery MacBook software presented by Recover Data that is used to restore MacBook data from HFS, HFS+ partitions. AppleMacBook data recovery can ...

  • Category: File and Disk
  • Developer: macbook data recovery
  • Download Price: $49.00

Trackpad++ Control Module v.1 2

Trackpad is the world's first and only alternative Windows driver for AppleMacBook's multitouch trackpad (pointing device of the AppleMacbook Pro and MacbookAir notebooks).
The Trackpad Control Module is an easy-to-use 'front-end' which allows ...

  • Category: Utilities
  • Developer: TechSpot
  • Download Free

Tab Killer for TrackPad v.1.1

The most convenient, easy to close Tab in the multi-window applications, especially for the installation of windows in the Macbook, greatly expanded the trackpad multi-touch features.
When you open a lot of IE or Firefox tab, if you want to ...

  • Category: Calendar Tools
  • Developer: WebVGA Software Inc.
  • Download Free

Mac Deleted File Recovery v.

Mac Deleted File Recovery is an excellent tool to recover accidentally lost / deleted from MacBook Pro and also different type of files from different models of Mac like Mac Mini and MacBookAir. This software can restore data deleted from HFS+, HFSX, ...

  • Category: Miscellaneous Utilities
  • Developer: Mac Deleted File Recovery
  • Download Price: $59.00

CoolBook v.2.22

CoolBook is a tool for the MacBook, MacBookAir and MacBook Pro computers. It lets you monitor the frequency, voltage and temperature of the CoreDuo / Core2Duo CPU. CoolBook does not work with OS X 10.7 Lion. i3/i5/i7 CPUs are not supported.

  • Category: Miscellaneous Utilities
  • Developer: Magnus Lundholm
  • Download Price: $10.00

Trackpad Magic v.2010-05-22

Trackpad Magic is a small utility that allows you to disable and enable the AppleMacbook trackpad easily. It even has the automatic mode which mimics OS X's option. Since it worked so outstanding for me, I figured why not see if anyone else has the same ...

Spss For Mac Free

  • Category: System Management
  • Developer: pocketlim.com
  • Download Free

SideTrack v.1.6

Spss Free Download For Macbook Pro

SideTrack is a replacement driver for the AppleMacBook, PowerBook and iBook trackpads. With SideTrack installed your standard trackpad becomes a powerful multi-button scrolling mouse.Leave your external mouse at home and take full control over your trackpad:Vertical ...

  • Category:
  • Developer: Raging Menace
  • Download Price: -

IAlertU v.0.29b

iAlertU is the first of its kind alarm system for your AppleMacBook computer. Basically iAlertU is a car alarm for your Mac.iAlertU uses the built in sudden motion sensor (SMS) device to detect movement of your MacBook and triggers an audible and visual ...

  • Category: Encryption Tools
  • Developer: slappingturtle.com
  • Download Price: -

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction® v.1.0.1

*MacBookAir and MacBook Pro 13’ are not compatible with this game**Splinter Cell Conviction game is available also in French, Italian, German, Spanish*Become Sam Fischer, a renegade spy agent on a personal mission of vengeance, fo ...

  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Download Price: $24.99

Spss Free Download For Macbook Pro 2020

Adjust Laptop Brightness v.2.0

We have tested the software utility with HP laptop, COMPAQ laptop, Dell laptop, Gateway laptop, IBM laptop, LENOVO laptop, Sony laptop, Toshiba laptop, Fujitsu laptop, Panasonic laptop, Samsung laptop, Acer laptop, MSI laptop, Apple iMac, AppleMacBook ...

  • Category: Tweaking & Diagnostics
  • Developer: Rogosoft Corporation
  • Download Buy: $19.95

Macbook photo recovery v.2.0

With Macbook photo recovery one can easily recover the image that has been lost from the memory card, camera card and other media. It is an extraordinary image recovery tool for restoring the deleted images whatever be the reason of corruption. It is ...

  • Category: Backup / File Synchronization
  • Developer: macbook photo recovery
  • Download Price: $39.00

Lubbos Fan Control v.ntrol 0.1.9


Lubbos Fan Control is designed to be a speed fan controller for MacBook Pro Unibody (Nvidia) under BootCamp. It allows to control MacBook fans settings their speeds depending on the CPU and GPU temperature and it reports CPU and GPUs temperatures, current ...

  • Category: System Management
  • Developer: lubbofancontrol.sourceforge.net
  • Download Free
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