Trying To Download Lion On Macbook Pro But Says Temporarily Unable

Reporting: I keep trying to re-download Mac OS X Lion to my Macbook This post has been flagged and will be reviewed by our staff. Thank you for helping us maintain CNET's great community. Jan 19, 2015 NEVER have I encountered such grief as I have in the past 2 days and countless hours trying to upgrade from Yosemite to El Capitan on my mid 2012 Macbook Pro. I spent hours (and much bandwidth) trying to download from the App Store with no luck. It kept failing or saying it was Temporarily Unavailable.

HOW TO FIX Macbook Error This Item Is Temporarily Unavailable

You DON’T have to re-purchase Lion / Mountain Lion. Follow these steps – this was the only thing that worked for me.

1. Shut down your computer.

2. Hold down COMMAND – OPTION – R (keep holding!) and press the power button.

3. When an image of a spinning world displays on your screen, you can let go of COMMAND – OPTION – R.

4. Wait for the utility screen to reappear. When it does, click Reinstall Mac OS X.

Trying To Download Lion On Macbook Pro But Says Temporarily Unable Access

5. From here, you will be able to reinstall Mountain Lion / Lion.

HOW TO FIX This Item Is Temporarily Unavailable
This Item Is Temporarily Unavailable!

Hello Everyone! I had this problem in a year but i managed to fix it with the newest OS X El Capitan. Follow my instructions and you will be good to go!

Disclaimer: If something happens to your computer I’m not responsible for it! DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!

What you need:

USB 8g or higher
MAC (obviously)
Windows Computer

FIRST Instructions ON Windows Computer:
1. Download Transmac and install
2. Download uTorrent and Install
3. Download this El Capitan torrent:…
4. Download it in uTorrent
5. When it`s DONE put the dmg file on desktop
7. Then right click on your usb drive to “format” your usb and leave the folders name Untitled
8. When format is done right click your usb again and click “restore with disk image”
9. Find your dmg file on the desktop and start restore your usb.
10. When you have restored your usb close down transmac and take out your usb from the Windows Computer and put it in your iMac, MacBook or what ever apple computer you have.

FINAL Instructions On MAC:
1. Put the usb in your mac
2. Boot up your RECOVERY MODE NOT THE USB!!!!
3. When Recovery has loaded go to DISK UTILITY
4. Find your usb and click on the Install OS X El Capitan folder and go to restore tab
5. And then use the Install El Capitan folder as SOURCE
6. And the Macintosh as DESTINATION and start restore.
7. When its DONE go to your usb (not the folder) and click on partition and choose (CURRENT = 1 PARTITION), (FORMAT = MAC OSX EXTENDED JOURNALED) and SCHEME = GUID PARTITION MAP.
8. Click Partition and wait for it to be DONE
9. After that you will get an new folder called Untitled (if you didn’t rename it) and click on the folder and go to restore.
10. Choose the folder ( Untitled) as DESTINATION and the SOURCE go to the dmg file you saved/restored in to Macintosh HD and use it as a SOURCE and click restore.
11. After the restore LEAVE THE USB PLUGED TO THE MAC and reboot your mac.
12. You will se the USB and choose it to boot up OS X El Capitan on you MAC.
13. When it has booted up choose reinstall OSX and it won’t ask you for a Apple ID so you can INSTALL it and your GOOD TO GO 🙂

Apple used to have a fantastic application called OSX Server (now called MacOS Server) which allowed you to run a full server from any OSX computer. A server can allow you share files, run your own email or web server, remotely connect in to your office etc. OSX server was particularly powerful running on a Mac Mini. With OSX Mojave Apple killed off OSX server, but it is still possible to download an older version from Apple that still works. Here’s how.

You will need access to two Macs to do this.

Firstly you will need a Mac running an older version of OS X. This is the Mac you will run OSX server on. I used El Capitan but any version prior to Mojave will work.

If you try to ‘purchase’ OSX server on this older OS it will say that MacOS Server is not compatible with the older OS. The only way to purchase Server is to be running Mojave. So you will need access to a mac running OSX Mojave to make the actual purchase.

Once you have purchased Server you can then download the older version to your older OSX.

Trying To Download Lion On Macbook Pro But Says Temporarily Unable Computer

1. Purchase a new version of OSX server.

On the Mojave OSX computer login to the App Store and purchase a new version of OSX Mojave. You don’t need to download it. You can cancel as soon as it starts to download.

2. Download the older version of Server

Now use the computer with the older version of OSX and login to the same iTunes account. In the App Store click on the little tag that says ‘Purchased.’ MacOS Server will now appear and you can download an older version that works with your older OS.

Trying to download lion on macbook pro but says temporarily unable access

Trying To Download Lion On Macbook Pro But Says Temporarily Unable Delete

You should now have a working version of OSX server that includes all the features like VPN, FTP, Mail server and everything else that Apple removed from the Mojave version of OSX server.