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There is a ton of interest in learning Kubernetes and Red Hat's distribution of Kubernetes, OpenShift. One of the ways Red Hat makes available to experience OpenShift 4 is via Code Ready Containers (CRC). In this article I will walk through the steps to install CRC on a MacBook Pro. This same procedure should work on any system running macOS.

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Will download all files including their history (back to 2009) and amounts to roughly 1.4Gb so that is quite large. Note: If you had bookmarked the old SVN repository please update that bookmark to the new GIT repository as we have finally removed it. Edit PDF Text on Mac Edit PDF text: On the top toolbar, click the 'Text' button and then double click over any text on the PDF page to start editing.There are 2 mode available for you to edit text in PDF files: 'Paragraph Mode' and 'Line Mode'.You're able to directly delete words or add words and sentences to the existing content in the PDF files as you want.

Note that MacBook Pro Retina and MacBook Air models do not have a FireWire port, and the FireWire 800 port on the MacBook Pro requires a special cable to connect to older FireWire 400 camcorders. Here’s the drill if your clips are on your FireWire mini-DV camcorder or a mass-storage USB camcorder: Plug the proper cable into your laptop. Global Nav Open Menu Global Nav Close Menu; Apple; Shopping Bag +.

Note that CRC can also be installed on Linux or Windows systems.

For this write up, I am going to use the ocp-install-demo repository out of Red Hat Demo Central on CRC is already pretty easy, but this particular repo is aimed at simplifying some of the procedures across those 3 different operating systems.

You can see me go through this write up in the video below.


CodeReady Containers requires the following system resources:

  • macOS 10.12 Sierra or newer
  • 4 virtual CPUs (vCPUs)
  • 9 GB of free memory
  • 35 GB of storage space

You also need a Red Hat Network (RHN) account in order to access the OpenShift Cluster Manager on You will need a pull-secret from there later in the steps. RHN accounts are free, so if you don't have one, you just need to register.



Open the terminal app to get started.

On macOS, we will use hyperkit as the hypervisor. I also installed wget to make it easy to download some of the needed artifacts.

Now let's create a directory to work in and clone the ocp-install-demo git repository.

We can now run the script that is in the repository. The truth is that the script would check for hyperkit and let you know if you didn't have it installed. It also has checks for other items that are required.

See the failure there is telling me that I need to download, unpack and add the OpenShift CLI tools (oc and kubectl) to my path for finding executables. I can do this very simply using wget, tar and by making a few symbolic links.

Now if we rerun the script, we will see that I have another artifact to download, unpack and add to my path.

This time the message is telling me that I need to download the CRC package.

Rerun the script again, we will see that I get further, but I need 1 last item. With OpenShift 4 installations, you need a pull secret. This pull secret is unique for your Red Hat Network account. Your pull secret file can be downloaded from OpenShift Cluster Manager.

Visit and click the 'Download pull secret' button. Once it's download move it to the ocp-install-demo directory.

Now we need to do a quick edit to the script to point to the pull secret file. You can use whatever text editor you are comfortable with. I'm using vi here (and in the video). If you don't know vi, nano might be a better option.

Once you save the file with the SECRET_PATH set to point to your pull-secret.txt file, we can rerun the You could certainly take care of all of these 4 items without rerunning the script. I wanted to show how the script does some checks to make sure all of the pieces are in place on the system.

You need to answer y and hit enter to allow use of the insecure connection. Don't worry. CRC uses self-signed certificates, and this is a security check to let you know that the self-signed cert isn't trusted by the system. This is fine for our development use case.

Once the install is complete, you will see an output like below with instructions to connect.

You can now just use the crc command line tool directly. You should check the status of your CRC instance to see if the VM is in running state and the OpenShift cluster is in running state.


You can run the crc console command to open a browser tab (using your default browser) to bring up the OpenShift console.

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Next Step


There are several repositories on Red Hat Demo Central to deploy on your new CRC OpenShift 4 environment.

Go to and try some out.

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Three Light-weighted PDF Editing Software for Mac

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