Will Macbook Pro Download Games From App Store If In Sleep Mode

Prevent MacBook from sleeping while downloading a file: A lot of us use our computer for more than just Internet browsing. We use it to render or convert video’s, download/uploading large files, movies and many other things. It can be annoying to just wait for it to finish and move your mouse to keep the mac active and awake until your downloads or render is over.

The simple answer, no. As suggested, just turn off your monitor and let it run like that. Same with peripheral lights if they're bothersome. If your PC or laptop sleeps by itself due to lack of input, check your power options in Control Panel. Black Friday M1 Mac deals: $899 MacBook Air, $639 Mac mini, $1,199 new MacBook Pro Special discounts on Apple's brand new Macs deliver up to $100 in savings on the Late 2020 hardware. You can use caffeinate -w download for this. Caffeinate command makes your computer unable to fall asleep (although your display may),. The -w option makes it wait for a process to finish and before then your computer cannot fall sleep, which is exactly what you wanted to do. To do so you can first find the Process ID(PID) for your download with Activity Monitor.

You can’t really leave your mac settings on “Never” go to sleep because then that’s just draining and over exhausting the machine, especially when it’s night and you want to sleep ! of course you don’t want an alarm just to switch off your mac but at the same time you also want your work to be finished on the mac. So what do you do ??? How to prevent MacBook from sleeping while downloading a file ?


  • 1 Steps to prevent MacBook from sleeping while downloading a file ?
    • 1.2 Method 2 : Using the App Caffeine

Steps to prevent MacBook from sleeping while downloading a file ?

Method 1 : Using terminal (No software)

If you don’t want to install any software or change settings, you can use the Terminal utility caffeinate.

Step 1 : Open Terminal (located in /Applications/Utilities/),

Step 2 : type in caffeinate,


Step 3: press return ↩︎.

  • If you want to set a timeout so it will go to sleep after some amount of time, use this:
  • caffeinate -t 21600
  • (21600 is the Seconds, which makes it 6 hours)

Step 4: To stop or cancel the caffeinate command,

  • press ^ Control + C
  • OR use the command on terminal “Kill Caffeinate”
  • This will return the mac to its normal sleep behaviours or whatever your power settings are

Method 2 : Using the App Caffeine

Will Macbook Pro Download Games From App Store If In Sleep Mode 10

The app was launched and was popular before apple introduced the terminal command which is mentioned above. Caffeine is a tiny program that puts an icon on the right side of your menu bar. Click it to prevent your Mac from automatically going to sleep, dimming the screen or starting screen savers. Click it again to go back. Right-click (or ⌘-click) the icon to show the menu. how to stop mac from sleeping when closing lid

There are many alternatives, to be honest with maybe better features but Caffeine uses literally the least amount of resources from your CPU , almost none. It’s very light.

Step 1 : In the app store download the application (May is not available in all countries, So here’s the link for all others – Caffeine ) (App Store Link)

Step 2 : As you run it, it will appear in the menu bar

Step 3 : Click the caffeine icon on the menu bar

Step 4: Select the time frame

It will keep your mac running for that time period and it will not interrupt any of your downloads or processes, No screensavers and no bullshit. You can keep your mac with all lights gone but the system will run as per the time you have set 🙂

From the Editors Desk :

Just recently there have been more alternatives in form of application just like caffeine. One can even try Amphetamine which does the work and has some extra features than caffeine but I guess it’s really on what your needs are. Hope you found this helpful ! Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

You have probably asked yourself, ”Do downloads continue in sleep mode?” The default setting for laptops is to go to sleep mode when the lid is closed; which is in some cases quite annoying.

Sometimes you may want to keep your chrome or torrent downloads active even when the lid is closed. Luckily for a windows laptop, with come an array of power options to keep your downloads on without having to connect an external monitor and mouse; while for a Mac, you will need a third party app.

Will Downloads Continue In Sleep Mode?

Short Answer: No, because, while your system is entered into sleep, all the devices lost its power except memory and all your data are stored in memory alone.

However, there’s a way around it. You will need to setup your laptop in a way the downloads will be active even when your lid is closed.

How do you keep downloads active when a laptop lid is closed

In this post, I am going to bring to you the various ways you can keep downloads active despite the fact that you will have closed the laptop lid.

For Windows laptops, we shall discuss first;

How To Keep Downloads On Sleep Mode In Windows 10

For windows 10, the process of changing power options so that the downloads are kept active when the lid is closed are straight forward. Here is how:

Step 1: Go to the left most corner of your Windows 10 laptop. Click the Windows icon. A magnifier icon will appear and in it, type the keyword “closing”.


Step 2: In the results window, “change what closing the lid does” will appear.

When clicked, it takes straight to the relevant settings you are supposed to change in the control panel.

That’s – Control PanelHardware and SoundPower OptionsSystem Settings.

Step 3: From the settings window, move down to the third option which says “When I close the lid”.

From its drop down menu, choose “Do nothing” for when the laptop is “on battery” and when “plugged in

Click “Save settings

Once the lid is closed, your laptop will continue to function normally. Active downloads will continue so that you won’t have to pause them when closing the lid.

How to Do It In Windows 7

For windows 7 you can tweak power settings by the following steps:

Will macbook pro download games from app store if in sleep mode come out

Step 1: From the Windows button menu, go to the control panel and double click power options.

Step 2: Go to what closing the lid does.

Will Macbook Pro Download Games From App Store If In Sleep Mode

Step 3: From here you will see “when I close the lid”.

Click “Save changes”.

From the options toggle, choose “Do nothing”.

Close the Window.

By now your laptop will not shut down when you close the lid and therefore you will be able to keep downloads going on.

What if you want to shut down automatically after downloads?

Assuming you are asleep and you don’t want your laptop to keep running all night even when the download is finished.

You have got to find a way to keep it off and here is how:

Make use of the Firefox and chrome AutoShutdown extension for those using the firefox browser.

With this extension comes, comes a custom OS command that will command your laptop to shutdown when all download tasks are done.

This helps to avoid heating problems for your laptop since the lid is close to the rest of the body and also controls and saves on your electricity bill.

How to keep downloads active when the lid is closed in MAC.

No inbuilt power settings to tweak. No command to run. Fine, there are two ways you can keep downloads active when you have closed the lid of your Mac. The good thing they don’t require you to be a geek.

Here they are:

Use a third-party application

A third party application “Insomnia X” will keep your mac laptop active when the lid is closed. The good thing about the app is that it is free.

Step 1: Make sure you have an unarchiver tool installed on your Mac.

Step 2: Download Insomnia X and use the un acrchiver tool to decompress the downloaded file.

Step 3: To set it rolling, install the “Insomnia X” app by dragging it the applications folder.

When you run the application, it will appear in the menu bar.

Step 4: When you bring the cursor to the insomnia X app in the horizontal menu bar, it will bring a drop down list of options.

Check the “Disable lid Sleep”.

To beef things a little better, you can check the “ Disable idle sleep” option. Your mac will keep active, downloads will go on even when the lid is closed.

Step 5: If you can estimate the time your download will take (which is difficult due to many factors involved), you can set the time you want this app to keep the laptop active and then it will shutdown automatically thereafter.

This Insomniac X app also gives more control over shutdown in macs.

From its preferences menu, you can choose “Disable lid sleep when on AC” to prevent the laptop from going to sleep mode when it is still plugged into the power mains.

You can also protect your Mac from the dreading effects of overheating by choosing “CPU Safety” option.

Please remember that you will have to change settings in Insomnia X whenever you will need to keep downloads active, so once you restart, these settings will not hold.

Keep downloads active by connecting an external monitor on Mac.

To use this kind of method, you will need the following:

1. Plug in the power chord

2. Connect external display

Will Macbook Pro Download Games From App Store If In Sleep Mode Without

3. External keyboard through USB or bluetooth

4. External mouse through usb or bluetooth

Graced with all these devices, connect each of them to your Mac laptop and ensure they are properly functioning.

Once you close the lid when downloads are active, a Mac laptop will turn to the external display leaving all computing tasks active including the download jobs.

Will Macbook Pro Download Games From App Store If In Sleep Mode Come Out

To revert back to normal display usage; open its lid and it will return back to its monitor for Mac Os 10.7 or later.

For earlier versions, you just need to unplug the display, close and open it. You will be good to go.


The tips given above should help you keep your big download jobs active even in your absence or when your lid is closed.

Will Macbook Pro Download Games From App Store If In Sleep Mode Free

While you would want to keep downloads active when you are away, please ensure to take control of heating. It is very saddening to return or wake up when you have actually fried your laptop simply because you wanted to keep your downloads active.

Enjoy your downloads!

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